Leo June Forecast


The Suns transit through the sign of Gemini affects your 11th House of friends, groups of like minded people and focuses on your deepest hopes and wishes. There could also be an ex love involved, Leo. The month gets off to a quick start after the long weekend. On 6/1 a solar eclipse occurs in the sign of Gemini, your 11th House. This eclipse could find you thinking about your closest friendships and what friendship really means to you. Your hopes, wishes and dreams are always emphasized with the 11th House so whatever transpires could be emotional but positive.

Opportunities could arrive at your doorstep that involve travel, education, research and to any groups to which you belong, such as close friends. On 6/2, Mercury (Communications) enters the same sign of Gemini and your 11th House, again. You might find all of this planetary activity in your 11th House to be life changing in that your need for self-expression becomes more potent. You might desire to become involved in the arts, engage in something creative or get involved in something that expresses your natural talents.You're meant to be in the spotlight, Leo. Take some time this month to showcase your skills and become involved in groups. You will DEFINITELY notice the gains and rewards that follow.

On 6/4, Jupiter (Luck) enters Taurus and your career sector for an entire year. This should bring about expansion in your daily work routines, your career and possibly a serious contract to make more money. Take advantage of all offers you receive during this transit as they are apt to be serious and can bring you the life you secretly desire. A Lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Sagittarius on 6/15, your 5th House of children, playful love affairs and taking risks, Leo. You could see or hear something on or around this date regarding a serious relationship. You, or someone close to you, could be getting married, having a child or getting engaged. Family news is another possibility with this placement. This eclipse could be more emotional, but you will appreciate what transpires, Leo. Love is where it's at! Take some time in June to review your OWN love history and figure out what LOVE ultimately means to you. Be emotionally honest with yourself. Realize that it takes two to tango! 

There have been some changes since Saturn (Lessons) entered Libra (Love) in all Leos love picture, single and coupled. This is a great time for all Leos to ask themselves some tough questions. Are you with the right person? How does this person truly feel about you? Where is this relationship headed? Is it just me or do most people feel this way? You might find yourself examining love this month in an entirely new light. Who was once so important has been or will be replaced, if you're not feeing the love this month. Pay attention, around 6/20, when you might get exactly what you are looking for, to your relief. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will play strong roles while another Leo and an Aquarius will play helpful ones.

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