Libra June Forecast


The Suns transit through the sign of Gemini impacts your 9th House of travel, people from distant places, foreign countries and foreign travel. On 6/1, a solar eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini and your 9th House of travel and your worldviews. There could an element of travel this month with so much activity in your 9th House, Libra.You might commute or travel for work this month. You could also be offered a great job at a distance from you. Either way, Libra, plan on getting exciting news related to your career on or around this date. You might be surprised at the praise you receive. You could be asked to change something important in exchange for something better and you gladly follow these requests to get to where you ideally want to be.

Saturn resumes direct motion in your 1st House of health, appearance and vitality on 6/12, Libra. Try not to allow minor annoyances get out of control and realize that occasional stress is part of life. Where love is concerned, you might notice the pace picks up quickly where once it had felt stalled or lackluster. Partnerships will grow exponentially this month. Long term loves grow closer while singles might need to work on clearing out the past in order to make room for something new. Emotions could surface around the time the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius occurs, on 6/15. This eclipse will trigger events related to your community, your home life and relatives. The spotlight focuses on emotions, possible endings and your family life on this day. The great news is that this month can drastically change your mood and will find you optimistic, more relaxed and excited.

On the 4th, Jupiter (Luck) enters the sign of Taurus and your 8th House of sex, power and brings expansion to these areas of your life. This transit will last an entire year so make the most of your sex appeal, seductiveness and allure while you can, Libra. The 8th House is ruled by Scorpio and you will experience luck in all areas related to Scorpio. The combination of air (Libra) combined with water (Scorpio) will make you appear more mysterious yet distant to members of the opposite/same sex. Realize this and keep the lines of communication wide open this month. You can resolve anything that comes your way when it comes to love this month. Your ideal times for romance fall between 6/20 - 6/30 so prepare for a reconciliation or what feels like one with someone special during these dates.

Mercury (Communications) is in the sign of Cancer beginning 6/14 - 7/2. During this cycle, you might notice an increase in volume of communications with others, superficially co-workers, bosses, family members and friends. The pace will definitely pick up and your home life will take on greater importance whenever Mercury transits Cancer. It is characteristic of this placement for Libra to experience prosperity in sales, going into business for themselves and possibly making gains through foreign countries or travel. Overall, this will be a wild, crazy and busy month. The signs of Aries and another Libra could play stand out roles.

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