Libra May Forecast

After the activity of April, May could feel calm, breezy and easy going for you, Libra. 2011 has brought about major change on a massive scale. All Libras, singled or coupled, will have love foremost on his or her mind on and might want to completely restructure their love life and what love means to them at a deep/core level. There will be some rethinking and some redesigning in terms of where your personal life and most intimate one on one relationship are headed and you might not feel satisfied in one relationship. With Saturn in your sign this year, you tend to be overly focused on your romantic life and possibly feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. While Saturn is sometimes referred to as lessons learned the hard way and pending doom and gloom, there is an upside to this planet and what it wants you to do - where the basic structures of every area of your life are concerned, Libra. Are they solid?  The idea of Saturn is to show you where you might need to improve or where you might need to work harder, no matter how difficult things might be already. This planet wants you to learn and rethink your attitudes about love and life. If you feel good about things, you are on the right track.  Any past decisions you made or might be regretting were all most likely for the best. It's time to change the old ways of doing things with a new attitude and a fierceness that might seem unfamiliar to you, Libra. Come next summer, you might be seeing that tough times only made you stronger or that in retrospect, you made choices that were right for you. Remember that Saturn rewards maturity, discipline and hard work, Libra.
Mars enters Taurus (your 8th House) on May 11th and then on May 15, your ruling planet, Venus, enters your 8th House. You could be dealing with money you share with another or irritations like insurance and taxes. The 8th House is a House of mystery so be advised there could be some unusual activity in your daily affairs this month. Strange and unexplained phenomena could take place and you could find yourself more involved in esoteric studies or reading more on esoteric topics. The New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd brings about potential love interests for single Libra while the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th creates even more intimacy with an ongoing love. Tone down any criticisms this month, personally, professionally and socially for best results, Libra. A Gemini and a Sagittarius could play outstanding roles in your month.