Pisces June Forecast


This is bound to be a crazy, wild and action packed month with plenty of activity related to your career, travel and love. The Sun transiting Gemini impacts your 4th House of home, property, real estate, endings, family matters/members and puts the spotlight on where you live this month, Pisces. There could be a need or a feeling to "get away from it all" as the month opens.

On 6/1, a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse occur in Gemini, Your 4th House of home, family, parents and your family life. You might be pondering a serious domestic adjustment such as moving or you could be overly focused on your current residence. Events that transpire on the home front will happen out of nowhere, so be alert and watch what occurs around the 1st to get an idea of what's in store.

Then on 6/2, Mercury (Communication) enters Gemini, followed by Venus (Love) and Mars (Action/Drive/Motivation) which is compatible to your sun sign, as Gemini and Sagittarius, like you are mutable signs, so these eclipses will benefit you or at the very least, bring about some surprising news and developments on the home front and relating to your career.

On 6/15, a lunar eclipse occurs in the sign of Sagittarius and this can bring news regarding career prospects and should bring positive new developments where the future of your career is involved. Single Pisces could meet someone new this month that stimulates them on a deep level. Conversations will be intimate, very personal and highly confidential. Coupled Pisces get closer this month as this transit can remind you what brought you together in the first place.

Saturn (Lessons) has gone direct in Libra (Relationships) and this forward movement can also be prosperous for all romantic AND career matters. You can find a structure that works for you regarding how you work and where you work. This month is excellent for all Pisces hoping for career satisfaction. You might not notice this immediately, but you will see by the end of the year that June was an instrumental month in terms of your career progress. Your already outgoing personality sparkles in the presence of VIPs and higher ups in June. You will be seen as one with all the answers and you might come to conclude that validation must come from within. Your biggest challenge this month will be figuring out what really works for you and sticking to it once you have it all figured out.

The signs of Leo and Aquarius could play interesting roles in your life this month, Pisces. With a Leo, you might be driven to distraction by this individual. Take your time when getting to know a Leo this month. With an Aquarius, there could be secrets, mystery and a possible involvement in a creative venture. An Aquarius will intrigue you and you love intrigue, Pisces. It's a month of surprises, career advancement and making sure you have the love you desire.

********When Reading your Monthly horoscope, be sure and look at the Houses in Astrology article (under) 2011 tab. Check the House that your sign is passing through to gain more insights into activities and themes that you can expect to encounter in your month!********