Pisces May Forecast

The Suns transit through Taurus impacts your 3rd House of communication, relatives and a way with words, both written and spoken, Pisces. On May 3rd, a New Moon in Taurus brings about opportunities and contracts for your career and in possible creative ventures. Now that Neptune has gone direct in your sign, you will be able to notice the attention you receive from superiors and VIPs. You can negotiate a better contract for yourself this month, Pisces, so don't hesitate to ask for more money if you feel anyone is short changing you! There are those who are willing to pay you top dollar for your services so make sure all parties walk away satisfied when it comes to signing or negotiating any business contracts.
On May 17th, a Full Moon in the intense sign of Scorpio will brings news regarding higher education, publishing, overseas travel and news about research you might be investigating. There will be movement in all areas of Scorpio (8th House) so mark May 17th as a standout day for you. On the flip side you could find the moods of others to be bothersome as you will feel a heightened sense of intuition. You will know what is taking place without having any confirmation so watch out for the 17th, Pisces. Sometimes you get overly sensitive to the moods and thoughts of others and can pick up on others feelings without even wanting to.
This month, the signs of Leo, Libra and an Aquarius will figure in your daily routines. There could be collaboration, creative endeavor or obligations you have to these individuals and your ability to read the intuition of these signs will be remarkable in May.
This month offers a chance for deepening commitments and is ideal for spending with free time with the one you love. A relationship gets closer this month and could grow even more serious. Single Pisces will have more insight into what they expect from a partner and there will be offers from more than one person - if you are single. Coupled Pisces will find May to be a month to remember. Mutual compatibility and shared interests will keep this romance going for a long time to come.