Sagittarius June Forecast


The Suns visit to Gemini (your opposite sign) brings out your passionate and creative side as it transits your 7th House of marriage and committed relationships. It's time to let loose and have fun. You will notice popularity rising with the opposite sex this month, Sagittarius. You have a tendency to be lucky in love and committed relationships this month, both personally and professionally. Slow down and listen to what others are trying to tell you as listening can seriously pay off.

On 6/1 a solar eclipse occurs in Gemini, your 7th House of marriage, the law, serious commitments, in personal and professional areas will all be emphasized during the Suns transit through the sign of Gemini. The eclipse on 6/1 is a fantastic way to begin the month as you see results in your romantic life that will delight you. It's going to be a month to remember, Sagittarius. Relationships become more loyal and binding. You could find your discussions with others, this month, to be stimulating, interesting and there is an element of "love luck" that comes into your life. Typically, whenever the Sun is in Gemini, it is considered your low cycle time of the year. But, with 2 eclipses this month, one in your 7th House and one in your 1st House, you avert serious emotional breakdowns and make significant breakthroughs when it comes to your love life, especially around the 1st when the eclipse touches your 7th House.

You may feel like a new person in love matters this month, single or coupled. Watch for the 15th to be a standout day. You could get emotional or suddenly reflective but this shouldn't last too long. There will be moments and glimpses of the past, especially on this day, as people will be moody and somewhat downtrodden. Relationships and places from long ago and far away suddenly emerge. It's not the people so much as it is the memories and how you felt in the past about those moments from certain times of your life. Events occur that bring about a sense of reflection. Overall, the 15th is your most standout date as it brings up issues you would rather avert altogether. HOWEVER, it also brings news about progress and success. With so much activity in your 7th House, this could be a night for a celebration. Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Mars are all in the sign of Gemini for most of this month, when the Sun and Venus leave Gemini and enter Cancer. This in addition to a New Moon in Gemini on the 1st plus the eclipse is sure to change the very foundations of your life. You could love the opportunities/developments that accompany these two eclipses as they are in compatible elements to your natal chart.

Saturn resumes direct motion in Libra on 6/12 and this could bring about a strengthening in friendships and to groups to which you participate and contribute to. Saturn resuming direct motion could also put your mind at ease regarding the friendships you do have and you might come to realize how solid they are and how much you value them. If there was previously doubt where certain friendships were concerned, this will be erased, eliminated and dealt with quite effortlessly during this transit that lasts for the rest of the year. You will appreciate your friends and you will be grateful for the friendships you do value. This is a great month to nurture your love, your family and your friends. The signs of Aries and a Libra will play social roles. With an Aries, there is a connection that is undeniable. You experience change with Aries in June, but the connection is strong enough to survive any obstacles, hurdles or challenges that interfere in this association. With a Libra, you tend to be extravagant and will want to please this individual on some level. Remember to be generous with others, but be true to yourself, Sagittarius. Seriously, think about this.

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