Scorpio June Forecast


The Sun in Gemini falls in your 8th House of sex, power that you have disowned, rebirth and personal physical transformations, Scorpio. This is bound to be a standout month as Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) enters Taurus on 6/4, your 7th House of true love, marriage and serious commitments, personal and professional, Scorpio. This transit will last an entire year and is bound to bring in drastic changes where these areas are concerned. You could find June to be exciting, surprising and upbeat. Your confidence will attract the attention of some "so called" friends that might not have your best interests at heart so make sure you remain kind and don't assume anything about anyone until you have all the facts. Follow your intuition when it comes to a Cancer and a Capricorn this month, Scorpio. You could experience what feels like a telepathic connection to these signs and this month is no different. Perhaps a new relationship begins or you could reconnect with an ex love. Anything is possible and is bound to get serious, with the right person, for Scorpio. Dress to impress and look your very best throughout June, Scorpio. Opportunities to meet new loves will come from out of the blue and be quite unexpected. You could find love where you least expect it.  Also, this Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) transit through Taurus until 6/20/12 makes you highly desirable and sought after by more than one potential romantic interest, single or coupled.

This is the time to not go looking for love as it is bound to find YOU, Scorpio. And if you're in an unhappy relationship, this Venus placement could bring about a meeting of the minds and restores peace where there was previously discord.

The month begins with a solar eclipse in Gemini on 6/1, which could bring about opportunities that require networking, socializing and working hard. You could gain recognition for work performed or you might get an offer for a new position. Showcase your speaking skills during any negotiations you attend to this month. You could find June to be a faced paced month with two eclipses and 4 planets in Gemini. Then on 6/15, a lunar eclipse occurs in your 2nd House of money and finance. Expect experiences connected to your finances to be emotional or intense. You might not like what you learn on or around this date. It could involve how you spend your extra income or you might get an unexpected bill you weren't expecting. Money will be a highly sensitive subject during this eclipse, Scorpio, so prepare for some possible waterworks regarding possessions, how you view cash and take care of your valuables (especially between 6/4 - 6/22).

A Taurus and another Scorpio could play interesting roles in your life this month. With a Taurus, there could be a profound attraction. The chemistry could be undeniable and the compatibility will astound you. A Taurus will bring the topic of marriage to your attention. You might want to make a serious commitment to a Taurus, legal or otherwise. With another Scorpio, you could find yourself attracted to someone new and exciting. Another Scorpio could introduce you to someone who could make you weak in the knees. It's a mystery month for Scorpio and your luck (business AND love) are improving IMMENSELY and will last throughout next year. Yes, Scorpio. Big changes in love and career are headed your way. This is GREAT news! 

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