Scorpio May Forecast

This month is going to be a lot calmer that the intensity of April, Scorpio. There will be less conflict and your ability to understand others will be more heightened and easier to comprehend. On May 11th, Mars enters your 7th House of Taurus and this brings about the ability to finish what you began and also bestows upon you a heightened sensuality thanks to Taurus. The sexuality of Scorpio and the sensuality of Taurus make single Scorpio more attractive to the opposite/same sex and can bring about a new relationship for single Scorpio. The New Moon in Taurus on May 3rd brings about a meeting of the minds with someone new and intriguing. Coupled Scorpios can expect to get even closer this month. You could be working on a creative project with one you love or if you're single. You could also hear excellent news regarding your career on the 3rd, Scorpio!
In addition to Mars, Mercury will enter Taurus as well and this assists you with the way you ultimately express yourself, both with written and spoken word and in person. This month, your way with words could captivate a new love and open the door for an honest dialogue with those who need to hear from you. There might be some unresolved issues from your past that might continue to come up and you might be finally ready and able to express yourself and politely walk away.
The Full Moon in your sign on the 17th should be a time when secrets, long buried will come to your attention. You might be feeling low on energy and whatever you learn could surprise you. You might be surprised at how accurate your intuition is on this date. Next month, Jupiter will enter your 7th House of true love and serious business relationships. Get ready for the unexpected. Events will transpire that will thrill you and could involve true love and a career promotion that is unprecedented. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and a Gemini will play unusual roles in your life this month, Scorpio.  
With a Taurus, a stranger could become a friend for life. This person brings out your wild side and you could find love with a Taurus. With a Virgo, you might find that love is always found in the very last place you go looking for it. A Virgo will make you think twice this month, in a good way, Scorpio. With a Gemini, you might see and read things you would prefer not to see or read. Keep any opinions to yourself and be adaptable whenever you deal with a Gemini.