Taurus June Forecast


The Suns entrance into the sign of Gemini impacts your 2nd House of finances and possessions. There are also two eclipses this month. One, on 6/1 in the sign of Gemini, your 2nd House of cash/possessions. This eclipse is due to bring a change of income into your life, for the better. With Venus, Mars and Mercury falling in your sign on this day, you might hear news about a promotion or a raise or perhaps you could get an unexpected financial windfall.

Yes, Taurus, June will be big when it comes to money. But wait; there are also some OTHER great things in store. On 6/4, Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) enters your 1st House for an entire year. This placement suggests that your love life (if you're single) will expand, you could get married, go into business for yourself and with better than expected results. The opportunities are endless, Taurus. Your business life and your love life are due for a major change, especially where you might have felt lonely or neglected. Keep in mind with Jupiter in your 1st House, relationships are bound to get serious, fast. On 6/15, a lunar eclipse, in Sagittarius, your 8th House of sex, power and serious committed relationships occurs. Heightened emotions, especially yours and some close associates could surface on this date. Look to the 8th House to see what areas could feel impacted by this eclipse.

The prognosis for June is excellent for all Taurus, coupled or single. Single Taurus won't be single much longer while married Taurus will be in bliss. There is an appreciation of your spouse that comes back during this transit. Jupiter here suggests that love will be magnetic, powerful and you will be the prize. Expect others, especially the same/opposite sex to notice you. The signs of another Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio play important roles in your life this month. With another Taurus, you could find that although you both are stubborn, there is a connection here that is strong. With a Leo, this person could feel like family or actually be related to you. A Leo provides excitement and helps you bridge gaps, gives you a sense of what you need or lack and can point out mistakes that might need to be brought to your attention. With a Scorpio, The relationship is all or nothing. Expect the time of your life or perhaps the worst. There is nothing halfway with your connection to a Scorpio, especially during June. You might find yourself madly attracted to a Scorpio or a Capricorn. This relationship could happen suddenly, out of the blue and be quite unexpected. 

********When Reading your Monthly horoscope, be sure and look at the Houses in Astrology article (under) 2011 tab. Check the House that your sign is passing through to gain more insights into activities and themes that you can expect to encounter in your month!********