Taurus May Forecast

Happy Birthday, Taurus! This month is a standout month for you! On May 3rd, there is a New Moon in your sign which is a great time to make future plans. In addition to the New Moon in your sign, you have the added bonus of Venus (love) and Mercury (Communication) entering your sign as well, midmonth. You will find this month to be a welcome relief after the past month. You have the ability to get what you want and who you want this month, Taurus. So if you're pursuing a love, working on something creative, dealing with long standing family issues or if anything is not working to your satisfaction, this month brings a chance to change the foundations of anything that isn't working and replace them with ones that do work. Yes, Taurus you can have what you want this month. Make sure you really want it though. Pursue any and all passions you have in May. Any creative projects will take off so make sure to indulge your creative side during May. 
The Full Moon on May 17 falls in your House of marriage, serious relationships and major commitments. This Full Moon will be huge in terms of your love life. You will have all the necessary information you need to know regarding a marriage, possible marriage and where you stand in these particular areas of your life. Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign and the passion of Scorpio runs very deep.You could feel that this Moon brings about intense feelings with regards to your career, a marriage or a possible marriage. Secrets and confidential matters could find their way your attention on this date so pay strict attention to gut instincts when it comes to your sex life and possible hidden information. You will find the answers to anything that has been kept hidden from view. It's looking like this will a day for of insights about your future with a love on this date. The 7th House also represents the law so pay attention when driving and be overly aware of rules and regulations. Better safe than sorry, Taurus! 
The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will play important roles in your month. With a Gemini, there will be sudden stops and starts but you can learn a great deal from this person. You could also make a friend/partner for life. With a Virgo, you could feel a strong attachment to the past, present and future. A Virgo can help ground you this month, Taurus. You could feel possessive of a Virgo. With a Sagittarius, there will be a friendship and strong bond. You grow much closer to a Sagittarius during this month and seriously think about what friendship and love really mean to you.