Virgo June Forecast


The Suns entrance into Gemini falls in your 10th House of status and ambition. You will be overly concerned with friendships and the opinions of higher ups. You might find yourself attracting VIPs, authority figures and exciting types of people into your life. Your parents could play strong roles in your life this month, Virgo. Professional opportunities are abound this month as is hard work. Guess what? You're the perfect candidate for that promotion, raise or unexpected bonus.

The month begins with a solar eclipse on 6/1 in the sign of Gemini, your 10th House of prestige. Solar eclipses are like double Moons in that they bring twice the prosperity your way and strengthen the power of existing relationships, especially those that involve your public image. You're looking good in the eyes of those that matter, especially where your career, social standing and professional progress are involved.Those in power are impressed with your precision to detail and rewards will begin to pour in around this date.

This eclipse is followed by a lunar eclipse on 6/15 that falls in the sign of Sagittarius; your 4th House of home /family, parents, real estate and all issues related to your home life will be under the microscope.There could be some surprise beginnings that are beyond exciting as well as some possible farewells to some that for whatever reason are not fulfilling Virgos expectations. Expect a couple of "A-ha" moments this month, especially where your family, home life and career are intertwined.

It's an interesting month and you will have the foresight and the wherewithal to complete important tasks and please those in power while making it all seem so effortless. The opposite/same sex will be admiring your loyalty, dedication and sex appeal during this month as some might mistake you for someone famous. You will have movie star appeal and others will notice it. Expect compliments, Virgo! Your earthy sensual nature is so mysterious yet you feel like an open book. Realize that the eclipses could find you feeling sensitive and overly emotional, more so than normal. Realize also that you could be over analyzing every detail. There is no such thing as perfection, Virgo. Make sure that you come across as dignified, simple, smart and sophisticated for best results where your love life is concerned.

You will do well in business without much effort on your part this month so while you must work, be sure to play ALSO for the best possible results imaginable. On 6/4, Jupiter (Luck) enters Taurus and your 9th House of higher education, foreign people, distant places and how you view the world. Your worldviews could change during this overpowering month. You're unstoppable in June, Virgo. The signs of Leo and Aquarius will play roles. With a Leo, you might be feeling left in the dark. You could find Leo a bit inquisitive for your tastes. With an Aquarius, you might tend to seek perfection. Avoid trying to come across as condescending to an Aquarius this month. This individual could already be feeling sensitive and take your comments the wrong way. Try to be more mindful of your desire to seek perfection in this association, Virgo. Realize that there is no such thing as perfection!

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