Virgo May Forecast

Have you noticed a significant change in one key area of your life lately? Does it have to do with a particular romantic involvement? This month brings about new beginnings and a renewed interest in romance, fun and games. All Virgos have experienced some relationships highs and lows during Saturn's transit to Libra. You might have felt pressure in money matters but this month will seem like a welcome relief. June is your month, career wise, so you can expect to see expansion and prosperity in these areas during mid month and especially in June. In May, The Suns transit into the compatible sign of Taurus brings potential to bond closer, especially with a love, but avoid discussing your private affairs with anyone except the person involved.

People might seem nosey this month and might prefer to hear about you and focus less on themselves. Be aware of the need for discretion, Virgo. The New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd brings about opportunities for long distance travel, education, writing and the law. You can benefit in all of these areas during the New Moon. On May 17th, a Full Moon in Scorpio can bring any previously hidden matters to light. This Moon falls in your 3rd House of communications, relatives and short trips. You will find this Moon to give you enormous insight as Scorpio is a highly intuitive sign so whatever you feel on this day could be felt deeply. Don't take anything too personally. If you don't like what you find, than make the steps to fix whatever bothers you.

On May 11, Mars enters Taurus and brings about opportunities to meet new prospects in love and business so take your pick, Virgo. The possibility of a new relationship developing this month is quite high while those coupled Virgos will rediscover the chemistry that initially brought them together. The signs of Taurus, Scorpio and an Aquarius could play surprising roles. With a Taurus, you might experience some discord but ultimately you resolve any issues that might develop. With Scorpio, there might be some surprise beginnings and unexpected endings. With an Aquarius, you will feel in sync and could find this person to be invaluable as a friend and even more. Your best days for love are:  5/11 & 5/12. Call another Virgo on the 17th.