Aries July Forecast

The Suns transit in the sign of Cancer focuses on your 4th House of Home, family, real estate and the past. Relationships with your family take center stage this month, in a very good way, Aries. Your sense of responsibility is highlighted. Some call the 4th House the Home of the mothers and parents so you might find yourself interacting with relatives more so than normal this month. The month is unusual in that there are two New Moons and one Full Moon. You might feel tied down at times during this transit, so reserve your energies because the properties of the 4th House will be prominent throughout the month of July.

There are some unresolved issues from the past that might come back to haunt you in some way or another but it shouldn't be anything you cannot handle. FACE YOUR FEARS, Aries. You are a fighter by nature, so make sure that you give your home life the best you have to give and pay attention to your home. This would be an ideal month to declutter or extricate yourself from items that no longer hold value or serve a purpose. The tendency to feel torn between the past versus present could pop up at strange and unusual times. You will find the signs of Leo and Aquarius play prominent roles in your life this month. With Leo there will be action and adventure.

You might feel though at times that your get up and go suddenly got up and went. Relax, Aries. Cancer is a water sign so you could find the atmosphere more emotionally charged than normal. Leo will prove to be your loyal ally, now and forever. With Aquarius, there could be a restriction in this association. Aquarius makes you think about your hopes and wishes. This is a good month for love and you might find with Mars (Action) in Leo, you're naturally charming without really EVEN trying. Just your voice alone can seduce strangers, Aries.

7/1 New Moon /partial eclipse in Cancer brings some sexy back into your love life. Expect to get lucky on this date, Aries. A Taurus and a Scorpio could have some personal and confidential information for you.

7/15 Full Moon in Capricorn affects your career and how you earn a living. Expect news on this date related to these areas.

7/30 New Moon in Leo transits your 5th House of love, children, pets and perhaps even something creative. You might hear about opportunities in these areas where previously they were lacking or you had little time. A hobby returns with a vigor and you will find assistance from a Libra and a Pisces this month, Aries. Pay attention when in the company of these individuals.