Gemini Monthly Forecast

 The Suns Transit of Cancer impacts your 2nd House of personal finance throughout the month, Gemini. The 2nd House is all about money, how you spend it, save it and most importantly, how you view your possessions. It's been a wild year and July will be one month to remember, Gemini. Expect a boost in prosperity and when it comes to all matters related to making more income. You could get an unexpected check, repay a home or personal loan (finally) or you might even get promoted. As much as you make you might have to pay out simultaneously. Relax, Gemini. Your financial prospects look ultra promising this month, so don't stress out when things don't go exactly the way you want them to. It's also a month of making serious professional progress. A New Moon in Cancer on July 1st brings about news of the aforementioned areas, so expect some news that lifts your spirits and makes you feel a deep level of satisfaction for all the effort you have been putting into your career. For Gemini seeking a new job or career, this is a lucky month for you as chances are excellent for getting the job you really want. You will notice that help comes professionally via women, and opportunities that do come from women will be sudden, completely unexpected and amazingly lucrative. Mars is in your sign additionally this month (and will remain there until 8/3) and gives you stamina and energy to finish tasks completely in a timely and orderly fashion. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn could play life changing roles and bring about rare and once in a lifetime opportunities this month, Gemini.
7/1 New Moon in Cancer brings news related to progress, financial and professional.

7/15 Full Moon in Capricorn brings news regarding an ongoing romance. You might not be prepared for some news you receive. Expectations should be lowered for the sake of disappointment. Expect to find out something unexpected about a Libra, Leo or a Scorpio on this date.

7/30 New Moon in Leo wraps up the month and shows you who you love most and ends the month with a peaceful conclusion. Yes, Gemini, this is time to make the most of your life and participate in life on your own terms.