Aquarius Monthly Forecast


The Sun transits your 7th House and gives you the trump card in all of your personal and professional endeavors but not exactly the way you want them, Aquarius. Don't allow false pride to extinguish any close relationship ties today, be they family, career, love and/or friendships. Realize that people are looking to you for answers and will find you appealing, talented and equipped when it comes to solutions to their pressing problems which might become yours if not careful. You desire a soulful connection and could be seeking it this month as the Sun transits your opposite sign of Leo. Realize that your energies could be low this month. Compared to June and July, August should have a slower feel to it. You won't be as pressed for time and your routines become more streamlined. The only caveat begins on 8/2, when Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Virgo and your 8th House of power and persuasion until 8/26. On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer for an extended stay until 9/18. This transit could find you taking a second look at your co-workers, employees and your daily routines. You could notice that your intuition deepens considerably during this time and you will be able to gain additional insights into your co-workers and yourself. The 6th House is all about your health and wellness. It also shows you HOW to optimize everyday routines in your life. There will be plenty of activity to your daily work life during this transit so expect to see results of your hard work beginning to manifest during these dates.FYI: avoid criticism at all costs during this month as you might find yourself critiquing yourself and others unfairly. This is a great month for self-analysis and focusing on creative projects but at the end of the day avoid taking overly critical approaches in these areas for best results, Aquarius.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo helps with career prospects as Venus is in close conjunction with this Moon suggesting that any news you receive will lift your spirits immensely. With Venus (Love) in Leo for most of the month, women will be helpful in your career prospects. Additionally, Jupiter forms a wide angle suggesting that news you receive on this date should bring expansion and a sense of accomplishment to your life. On 8/26, Mercury will no longer be retrograde and you can expect to feel a sense of relief as the month winds down. A Leo and a Capricorn could play supportive roles.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius in your sign should bring some highly personal and confidential matter to your immediate attention. Make sure you have all the information you need before you jump to any conclusions on this day. Don't believe everything you hear on this date, Aquarius. There could be something occurring behind closed doors which will prevent you from getting the entire picture. Sit tight and wait for more information before you jump to conclusions about anyone or anything. A Sagittarius and a Pisces could play unusual roles.