Aries Monthly Forecast


The Sun transit through the sign of Leo impacts your 5th House of fun, sex, children and creativity, Aries. During August, Venus will be in Leo, your 5th House. Relationships enter a brand new phase of fun, excitement and surprises, good ones, Aries. The areas of love, sex and children will play prominent roles in your life as Venus transits your 5th House until the 26th when it enters Virgo. Additionally, Mercury goes retrograde this month in the sign of Virgo (8/2) and will move back into the sign of Leo before it returns direct on 8/26 in the sign of Virgo (your 6th House). During this month take extra precautions with your computer, make sure that important career projects are wrapped up and take extra care with travel as Mercury retrograde is notorious for travel hassles and transportation delays. This is NOT a good month to initiate new projects, Aries. You should be feeling more secure in August when it comes to the areas of love, creativity and your children.

Career wise, this is a month to slow down as you could have delays and frustrations with co-workers, daily routines and your health and wellness. If you get news regarding these areas or if any obstacles should come up in these areas, fortunately you will be motivated and have the wherewithal to rectify any past wrongs and get to the heart of any pressing concerns and there WILL be some, (professionally) Aries. You might have questions for the mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo. These signs could stir up some strong feelings on your end or you could be confused or find yourself feeling restless by the actions of these individuals. Slow down this month, especially with Mercury retrograding your 6th House of health and daily routines, then entering your 5th House of fun and entertainment. You will be in your element with love; however, career could be an area that is frought with delays, some initial confusion and more interactions with co-workers than normal.
A Sagittarius and a Pisces could play roles in your life this month. With a Sagittarius, you will learn and educate yourself about important issues. With a Pisces, you may tend to sulk or have feelings of nostalgia. This could be someone from your past, either a relative or a friend.
The New Moon falls on 8/28 in the sign of Virgo. You might notice co-workers and employees demanding much of your undivided time and energy on this day and throughout the month. This day is perfect for launching those new projects and moving full steam ahead as Mercury will also leave Virgo and resume direct motion. This should feel like a welcome relief, Aries.
The Full Moon falls on 8/13 in the sign of Aquarius. Expect to hear positive news this day regarding a project you have been working diligently on.