Capricorn Monthly Forecast

The Suns Transit of Cancer impacts your 7th House of marriage, love, business and professional seriously committed relationships. Venus (Love) enters Cancer on 7/4 setting the stage for a romantic and passionate month. There is a sense of reflection in the air and you and a partner could be spending more time together. Love could bring up some distant long ago memories that warm your heart this month. Spending time with your family and relatives are highly favored activities (surprisingly enough) under this transit. You could feel a deep sense of gratitude for what you have endured, how you've grown and how much love is all around you. You might have felt previously where there was not was much you now have JUST the right amount and with someone you consider very attractive. This transit guarantees long talks with a love interest, possible time spent away together, thoughtful gestures and a strong chemistry that is unmistakable. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and Pisces will play important roles in these relationships and could also be trusted confidantes with whom you share your deepest thoughts. Either way, these signs will be supportive and you can count on them to play important roles in your personal growth this month, Capricorn.

7/1 New Moon in Cancer - Your opposite sign. New opportunities and new beginnings (if that's your wish) are there for the taking. A deeper commitment in a relationship is another possibility whenever the Moon falls in your 7th House. Expect events to be paced and quite busy. This trend lasts all month so be prepared for a frenetic pace to your month, Capricorn

7/15 Full Moon in Capricorn - You might be feeling low on energy but this Moon will bring news of a highly personal and confidential matter to your immediate attention. Listen to and nurture your intuition when it comes to your closest relationships. Pay attention and be on high alert. You will know without knowing where your love life is headed on this date. There will be no room for confusion, Capricorn.

7/30 New Moon in Leo brings news regarding your hopes and wishes. One of them just might come true on this day, Capricorn. A Gemini, Libra or an Aquarius could play unusual roles. Property matters could play a role. Getting a loan/mortgage/loan at an outstanding rate is a strong possibility (if you are looking at these areas). Luck is on your side on this date.