Capricorn Monthly Forecast

The Suns transit in Leo enters your 8th House of power and control. You could be changing the terms of a career matter for a new and improved one or you could receive news that initially seems daunting but will pave the way for the dream life you so desperately seek. You need to adjust your attitude if you feel intense emotions as this comes with the 8th House as do many other areas and properties. Realize you can channel this energy wisely by making sure those in power witness your executive abilities and make certain that your love finds you attractive, which will be effortless since you ARE the whole package! There is a detached nature surrounding you now that is actually working in your favor, in love and in other relationships, Capricorn.

Expect to possess resounding sex appeal and you will notice a unique emotional intensity in the air, especially in romance and in those around you. Mercury retrogrades Virgo on 8/2 - 8/26 and is in your 9th House of foreign countries and foreign people. Mars enters your 7th House of Cancer on 8/3, setting the stage for intense face time, deep conversations and life changing commitments with a love. This month might seem to have a slower pace. Take advantage of time off or request some as those in power will be made aware of your talents and skills especially in artistic, creative and romantic affairs. An Aries, Gemini and a Sagittarius will encourage you to relax and you should listen to them, Capricorn.

You are not defined by your career, your family or who you love. You are defined by the way you treat others. Gossip and past secrets could come out when and where you least expect, so avoid participating in gossip, scandals or behavior that could be viewed as unsavory. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could play roles in these discoveries so make the most of gossip by ignoring in it or avoiding it entirely as what you have said could very well come back to haunt you. Realize, Capricorn that others might find themselves misunderstanding where you are coming from at times, with the only exception being Aquarius who always knows exactly how you feel. The more you adopt a kinder and gentler approach, the easier your life can be. The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius play important roles in your month. Adopt a positive attitude when it comes to your finances, and try to see the best in everyone you come into contact with for best results, Capricorn.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo could present an opportunity to travel with a partner. This could occur suddenly and involve long distance travels.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius brings news related to finances. A Cancer and another Capricorn could play roles.