Leo Monthly Forecast for August 2011


The Sun transits through your 1st House of charisma, personality and good looks this month, Leo. You could make serious gains (career, friendships and love) if you put forth the effort and dedication needed to accomplish your goals. Whenever the Sun falls in your 1st House, it is considered a high cycle time for you, so wrap up loose ends and focus on the things you want most, Leo. That might be tricky however, as Mercury goes retrograde this month causing all current negotiations, business, love and communications to suddenly slow down 8/2 - 8/26.

In love, if coupled, there could be a change in marital status, but for all Leos your love life should be showing marked signs of improvement and excitement. You will dazzle the opposite/same sex this month and will be seen as one with all the answers. You will also be repeatedly told how attractive you are. You might be surprised to find that with a little effort, the rewards will be better than you ever expected. That's right, Leo. You won't have to work too hard this month and whatever you desire could manifest itself quite effortlessly, courtesy of Venus in your sign for most of the month.

On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer, and your 12th House of self-undoing. Relationships from your past could be haunting you on some level or a situation or event from the past could be affecting you more than you thought. You might find yourself digging deep into your subconscious when it comes to past relationships, current ones, family affairs and/or the subject of children. Be advised during this transit that you might have to confront some issues.

This transit lasts from 8/2 - 9/18, so prepare for some strange and unusual occurrences where the 12th House is involved. Demanding people will be front and center this month and you could fall prey to Mercury retrograde, so make sure people understand exactly what you are saying and vice versa. The chance for misunderstandings is very strong all month long but especially between 8/2 and 8/28 when Mercury retrogrades Virgo. If you should encounter any resistance from friends or loved ones, charm them with your sex appeal and unmistakable sense of humor. Yes, Leo, you are the life of any party, whether it's at your home or your place of business. Another Leo could play a major role this month.

8/28 New Moon is in Virgo and your 2nd House of possessions. You could be offered a fantastic opportunity to bring in more money on this day. The signs of Aries, Libra and a Sagittarius can play important roles.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius brings news about a relationship. This Full Moon falls in your opposite sign of Aquarius, so the issues of marriage, the law, divorce and seriously committed partnerships will be in the spotlight. Expect to be making a commitment one way or another whether it's getting married, moving in together or breaking up. This Moon will highlight these areas and you will know where you stand in all important relationships. You might feel low on energy, Leo, but get plenty of rest and adapt your positive nature to whatever transpires on this day.