Libra July Horoscope


The Suns Transit of Cancer impacts your 10th House of status, prestige and authority figures, Libra. The 10th House is all about your public reputation, your social standing and people in positions of power. You could be dealing with people who are experts in their chosen professions and you will find that these individuals play an important role in your month. There is a ton of activity happening in your career this month. If not employed, you will come up with innovative ideas to bring in more income.

For those Libras working hard, professional recognition from your peers is right around the corner. Remember Libra, Saturn is still in your sign so utilize this transit wisely by taking better care of your skin, teeth and bones. Also, expect some interference from a female when it comes to your love life. This transit also brings up issues with parents so don't forget that while you might be on a quest for attaining idealism in love, there might be a few obstacles that repeatedly get in your way.

Slow down and take a deep breath because as much as you might want love, other professional obligations continue to come up. Circle the days between 7/4 - 7/28 to get out and network. This is a BIG month for your career and the contacts you make this month will have reverberating effects that will last a lifetime and possibly bring in more money and even a new love. Venus (Your ruler) will be in Cancer which could bring about an opportunity for love when working. You could meet someone through your job that changes the way you see love and experience it.

Don't miss out on what could be a great time. This is an excellent month to MIX business with pleasure. Pay attention to your gut instincts when dealing with all career matters this month. You will instinctively know which path is best for you so don't ignore coincidences as they will lead in you in the right direction. On 7/2- Mercury (communication) enters the sign of Leo and your 3rd House of powerful communications, written, spoken and otherwise. You will have the ability to charm your way in and out of any situation you care to involve yourself in. You could have to make choices between social events as your calendar could be overly booked with continuous invitations. Yes, Libra it's going to be a hectic month. The signs of Gemini, Leo and Aquarius will play important roles.

7/1 New Moon in Cancer brings news related your career. You reap what you have sown and this should be a day of great news concerning your career, possibly a raise or promotion or accolades of some kind. Those who have worked hardest will benefit most! Those that have been lazy or who are out of work could be offered a new job. This should be an eye opening day.

7/15 Full Moon in Capricorn highlights your family life and where you live.

7/30 New Moon in Leo brings the subject of friendship to the table. You will be grateful for the friendships you do have and can expect this day to end on a happy and quite peaceful note.