Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

The Suns Transit of Cancer impacts your 8th House of sex, deeply committed relationships and matters considered to be X rated/taboo. You can expect your love life to read like a roller coaster this month, Sagittarius, as Venus (LOVE) will enter not one but three signs this month. July is unusual because of so many planetary changes. These have been profound changes that affect not only you but the world around you, so expect some highs and a few lows, but your natural optimism always shines through and saves the day. The only real danger here is your own mind and in 2011, this is where problems CAN and WILL arise. You need to STOP questioning everyone's motives around you and you must stop thinking had you done anything any differently that things would not be as they are now. You could be right, but you are where you are NOW, so take it from here and learn from your mistakes, don't dwell on them. This is MANDATORY when it comes to love in July, Sagittarius.

Letting go of the past means giving up hope that things would be different had you not experienced whatever painful break up or love ending you had with person x for example. Remember this and make it your motto in July. Love will be going through so many changes as Venus (LOVE) begins the month in Gemini, transits to Cancer on 7/4 and enters Leo 7/28. Each sign Venus transits brings a different energy and can also bring about a different way of looking at love, being in it or looking for it. This month is also unusual in that there 3 lunations which is unusual and has not occurred in years in Astrology, so July is certain to be a hectic and emotional time for you, Sagittarius. Financially it looks to be a prosperous time for Sagittarius. It is imperative that you remain confident while in the presence of employers at work this month. You might come across as too interfering or domineering. Others might view you as pushy, especially higher ups so make sure this doesn't happen to you. Come across as open to criticism and be available to work extra hours if asked. This is not a good month to slack off on the job regardless whether or not money is an issue. Team work requires the input of many not just one. 7/4 - 7/28 is an ideal time for your career and taking things to the next level. Just avoid a tendency to be ostentatious if you get promoted. Tone down and don't have even a hint of showing off and you will see better than expected results for all the hard work you have put in.

7/1 New Moon in Cancer brings opportunities to your domestic life and where you live. Family and home life plays a role. Something new is coming courtesy of Jupiter making a wide yet beneficial angle to this Moon. Prepare for expansion in one key area of your life.

7/15 Full Moon in Capricorn could bring some news that could not be exactly what you want to hear right now. This is a day to prepare for, as what you hear could take you by surprise but remember that life is 20% what happens to us and 80% to how we react. Love and career will be highlighted on this day, for better or for worse.

7/30 New Moon in Leo helps you gain your fiery and passionate momentum back and make a comeback stronger, sexy and better than before. You show them what you're made of. You will notice that the Fire signs of Aries, Leo and another Sagittarius will play helpful and loving roles. Circle this date on your calendar as it will be a great day for you, single or coupled. You will win best looking at ANY event you attend whether it's filling up your tank, to grocery shopping to attending an event. Expect to have enough sex appeal for a lifetime on this New Moon. And something or someone you thought was lost forever, suddenly changes and you get something even better.