Sagittarius Monthly Forecast


The Suns transit in the sign of Leo is all about your 9th House of faraway people/places, higher education and your world views, Sagittarius. With Jupiter in Taurus until the 30th, Mercury retrograde until 8/26 and Mars entering the emotional sign of Cancer on 8/3, expect August to be a hectic and sometimes chaotic month. The month begins with Mercury, the planet of expression and communication retrograding the sign of Virgo (your career House) then resuming direct motion in the sign of Leo on 8/26. You might need to closely examine all offers thrown your way and study the fine print carefully. This is not a good month to commit yourself to many projects simultaneously or to take on new career assignments as agreements made under this transit are not always durable and made to last. People can change their minds and so can you during this period by reviewing your past performance, revising your skills and keeping a low profile during the Retrograde period which lasts 8/2 -8/26. On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer and this is a long transit as it will last from 8/3 - 9/18. This occurs in your 8th House of power. But since Cancer rules the home, you might notice some chaos in your domestic life. Being the natural optimist you are, you should be able to find ways to work through your disagreements with your mother, father, roommates and any other family members.

Remember that the 8th House is where you will have the most energy and motivation. Mars brings up a stronger sex drive, as the 8th House also rules sex. Utilize the power of Mars wisely during this transit. Venus in Leo affects your 9th House and someone from or at a distance could play a major role in love this month. You could find sudden luck through love with someone in another country, at a distance or possibly out of state. Expect the possibilities of visitors - some unexpected, a chaotic house at times and unexpected aggressive action at your residence. Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Taurus will give you the energy to get through your daily routines quickly and you could find yourself re-checking the fine print on certain documents, reviewing something or someone from your past and releasing burdens that are not yours to carry in the first place, Sagittarius. All in all, a good month to figure out what you need from love and prioritizing in your career. Remember, though, with Mercury retrograde, try and keep a low profile at your place of business or you will have to revisit an assignment you don't want to look at, AGAIN.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo is a day to mark on your calendar. Hope and wishes are aligned and you get what you desire through the assistance of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Your career really takes off on this date and you will see light where previously you might have had doubt.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius can bring people from the past back into your life. You could also receive some news that involves your income or finances. Double check bank statements and keep a close watch on your checkbook as mistakes can be made by others.