Scorpio Monthly Forecast


The Suns transit in Leo occupies your 10th House of public standing and authority figures. This could be a powerful career month for you Scorpios. You will be showcased where your career and love life are concerned. New faces, places and people you meet this month will interface with you in ways you only dreamed about in the past. Open your mind to reinvention and think of new ways of doing the same old thing. You might be surprised to find out how easy this can be and you might accidentally find out how truly empowered you have become. In love, something new is developing, even if you do not see it yet. A new love could enter the scene and leave you speechless. Expect a Cancer, Scorpio or a Pisces to steal your heart and capture your undivided attention. You have much to look forward to, so focus and stay centered. Also, make sure you are kind, polite and show respect to authority figures, people in positions of power, and influential people who will be reviewing your work, Scorpio. These people will be observing you and your capabilities. Make sure you stay proactive and give the best you've GOT to your career this month. On 8/2, Mercury retrogrades in Virgo and your 11th House of friends, hopes and your personal wishes.
Expect delays in these areas and try to bite the bullet during this trying time when you might feel helpless. The good news is Venus (Love) spends most of the month in Leo, which not only brings the possibility of an office love affair, it also boosts your status and prestige. Be aware that others might be criticizing some of your ideas but you are a powerful sign and just when others think you have given up, you return with a vengeance and rise to the top. Jupiter turns retrograde on 8/30, so take a slow and measured approach to love, family life and all affairs of the heart. You could find yourself in a reflective mood where love, your career and the overall direction your life is headed until this planet resumes direct motion on Christmas Eve 12/25/11.
Single Scorpios should be seeing results in his or her love life while coupled Scorpios are contemplating a major life change, perhaps even in marital status. Only you know what that means, Scorpio. Once Venus enters Virgo on 8/21 - 9/14, potential romantic partners will notice and let you know it. A serious relationship could be developing and you could meet someone through your job and through neighbors and friends. Jupiter will also retrograde in Taurus on 8/30 until 12/25, so this could make you rethink someone or someplace from your past. As the month winds down and the Sun transits Virgo, you have more romantic and business offers than you know what to do with. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could be involved.
8/28 New Moon in Virgo finds luck and prosperity through friends, groups to which you belong and possibly through your career.
8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius could bring news about where you live and your close circle of friends, your love and family members. There could be a surprise phone call and some news about your home life could be sudden and highly unexpected, Scorpio. A Taurus and a Libra could have a surprise in store.