Virgo Monthly Forecast


The Sun in Leo transits your 12th House of secrets, seclusion and your best kept hidden talents, Virgo. It's time to consider an exit strategy and step out of the limelight, especially between 8/2 - 8/26. After the 26th, feel free to slowly step back into the world you remember. You know the one where sane people reside? The month starts off with the Sun in your 12th House of secrets, and then on 8/2, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign and could create some tension and misunderstandings. You could find others around you in a mood to argue about almost everything.

Avoid crowds, irritability and avert impatience. Create a sense of independence without alienating those closest to you. If you feel trapped or stuck in any situation, take a time out and meditate even for a few minutes. You could find that it is in these moments of solitude that you have your most inspirational ideas and you can make final decisions about who you are and what you really want. It's not about anyone but YOU facing your deepest fears, Virgo. Lavish some SERIOUS attention on yourself first and then cheer others up - only after you have taken some personal time, Virgo. On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer and your 11th House of friends, hopes and your personal wishes and will remain there until 9/18. This transit is certain to upgrade your social activities and suddenly, despite Mercury, you will be in demand as your phone rings off the hook. You receive multiple invitations and friends will surprise you in unexpected but beneficial and helpful ways

8/28 New Moon in Virgo in your 1st House of good looks, personality and sex appeal brings about news regarding your career. Overseas travel and higher education could all be involved.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius finds you in a frisky mood, Virgo. You might take a risk that ultimately pays off. Be bold and aggressive. Ask those closest to you those questions you have been to afraid to ask, Virgo. Another Virgo and a Gemini will play roles in your activities this month. You will find the company of another Virgo to be delightful while your relationship with a Gemini could be best described as consistently inconsistent. You might be offended by the spoken and written words of a Gemini, Virgo.