Aquarius September


The Sun transit through your 8th House of power makes September a prosperous month for all Aquarians, single or coupled. Venus (Love) begins the month in Virgo and your 8th House of sex, power and beginnings and endings. On 9/14, Venus enters Libra and impacts your social calendar. You could be dealing with people from out of state or you could be preparing for visitors to your house who might be coming from a distance, perhaps overseas. Travel will be a prominent theme this month as you could be planning a trip or preparing for one or just returning from a trip. Either way, the topic of travel or relocation could be on your mind throughout this month. Expect to hear about opportunities relating to travel late in the month, especially on the New Moon in Libra on September 27th. You could be saying goodbye to someone or you might be welcoming someone new into your life. Anything is possible whenever Venus transits Libra, especially for Aquarius. The New Moon in Libra will have the additional assistance of 5 other planets in Libra, which might really prompt you to rethink your worldviews and review your closest relationships with friends, family members. Even your spiritual views are subject to change this month as your life could be moving in unexpected directions and at an accelerated pace. Try to go with the flow for best results and don't place too many demands on yourself.
Venus transits Libra from 9/14/ - 10/9 and this gives you the ability to talk your way in and out of any situation. You have excellent timing this month and your ability to communicate effectively will stand out to others. Single Aquarius could meet someone new this month who changes everything. An encounter that occurs while in transit could take you by surprise. Attraction is strong.  However, Uranus, your ruling planet is bringing a tense aspect to the planets in Libra, and so while this new romance might be intriguing, it might not last forever. You will enjoy the freedom you feel this month as new doors open for all single Aquarius. It might not be the real thing but at the very least, it will be exciting and memorable. Coupled Aquarius will find their connection becoming closer this month. Taking a trip out of town or doing simple things together will strengthen the commitment between you. This is an excellent time for coupled Aquarians to get back on track. Visit an exotic location or try working on a home based project together as these will be ideal activities to bring you closer than ever. The only caveat occurs on 9/18 - 11/11 as Mars (Action) transits Leo. You might be feeling low on energy, or get frustrated with those around you for no apparent reason. You could inadvertently say the wrong thing to someone and this could create some hassles for you, so think carefully during this transit, especially when it comes to the people you love most. While your emotions might feel tested you will experience an increased sex drive and your sex life will be more than satisfying. It's a month for travel, spirituality and making sure you use tact and diplomacy when dealing with others. You don't want to alienate the people you love most so make sure that you think before you blurt out something that cannot be taken back. Other than that, September should find you feeling in better spirits and back on track. Keep it that way for best results, Aquarius.
Full Moon: September 12 in Pisces brings good news that is unexpected. It might be related to your job or it could be related to something deeply personal and highly confidential. Whatever it is, expect to be in a celebratory mood. The signs of Aries and Libra will play roles.

Lucky colors: Yellows and white
Most compatible signs: Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces