Cancer September


The Sun transit through your 3rd House places the emphasis on neighbors, short distance travel and relatives. It might seem like a slow month after the fast paced events of last month, Cancer. But hold on. The month begins with Mercury (Communications) in Leo (Money) and this places a strong emphasis on your finances and how you can increase your income for all the work you do, Cancer. You might be overly focused on your financial affairs as the month begins, determined to bring in more income but try to avoid obsessive thinking about money and financial affairs.  On 9/9. Mercury (Communications, written and spoken) enters the compatible Earth sign of Virgo and this transit will stimulate the way you interact with others. You might notice that you have more communication with neighbors and relatives than normally.
Accept whatever comes your way, and if you experience any tension in these areas, make sure to play nice and be fair in these dealings, for better or for worse. You could have bouts of frustration this month when dealing with the subjects of money, relatives and freedom. On 9/18, Mars leaves your sign and enters Leo and your 2nd House. This could prompt you to go full steam ahead with your finances.
Again, Cancer, this is a month you will be in pursuit of more money but wait until October for news regarding a raise, promotion or more money in your hands. In the meantime, once Venus leaves Virgo and enters Libra on 9/14, you might feel the need  for more beauty and harmony in your life. Little touches such as fresh cut flowers, a nice piece of art placed strategically in your bedroom will soothe your tired soul. The more you focus on beauty during this transit, which lasts from 9/14 - 10/9, the happier you will be and the more likely you will be to attract the right partner. The idea here is to bring some balance into your personal life or lack of it and see what develops. You will be amazed at what comes to you when you make the effort.  
New Moon: September 27 in Libra brings about new opportunities relating to where you live and in and around your home. Coupled Cancers could find this to be a night to remember as a commitment is made to take an existing partnership to the next level. Single Cancers will be busy working on creative projects and encounter lots of chatter and activity regarding career.

Full Moon: September 12 in Pisces and your 9th House could bring news from abroad. You could be expecting visitors and attracting new career offers to work abroad. You should notice that whether you are single or coupled, this Moon brings benefits, personally and professionally. Enjoy the accolade you receive on this date, Cancer.
Lucky colors: Violet and purple

Most compatible signs: Gemini and Sagittarius