Gemini September


The Sun transit into your 4th House of home and family will accent issues in these areas this month, Gemini. Additionally, between 9/14 and 10/9, Venus (Love) will enter Libra (Marriage and serious relationships) making this a highly creative and romantic time for Gemini, single and coupled. If you're not in a serious relationship this month, you could be immersed in a creative project that consumes most of your time, so it's likely to be a time of expansion in love, creativity and/or relationships. Whether you are single or married, one thing is certain, your home and family life should be humming along at a comfortable pace and you finally feel settled in this area of your life. Venus begins the month in the meticulous sign of Virgo bringing issues from the past into sharp focus.  On 9/18, Mars (Aggression/Drive) enters the powerful sign of Leo, where it will remain until 11/11. This transit gives you the ability to attract others effortlessly. You will notice a boost in your personal popularity and your ideas will come fast and furiously.
You could attract attention in more ways than you imagined and romantic possibilities are everywhere, so be careful and act accordingly. Mars can make you appear tactless to others, so avoid saying anything that could be misconstrued or might be considered politically incorrect. You will notice a definite shift in your romantic opportunities and the possibilities that this placement brings with it. Enjoy all the attention you receive but be extremely cautious not to take advantage of it. This is your month to shine, especially in love and committed relationships.
Once Venus enters Libra on 9/14, there will be no stopping you. This is an excellent time to combine forces with a partner and work on a creative project. The results could astound you. Yes, Gemini, you have the Midas touch, so don't waste a single minute. Get projects completed, get out and socialize and figure out who you want in your close circle of friends and acquaintances as there will be many candidates! This is an ideal month to reflect on the past year and see how far you have come. It hasn't been easy but you have made tremendous strides as challenging as they might have seemed. September will be a breeze and you could find help from the signs of another Gemini and a Sagittarius.
This is a month of promotion, public relations and advertising. Yes, you will find that a sense of humor is a necessity as it relates to love and your career. Curiosity about those close to you will run high and you could find that all that glitters is not gold after all. Be discriminating and think about those friends, loved ones and higher ups who have stood by your side and displayed unwavering loyalty to you. Avoid confusion and follow your instincts as they are apt to be on target.    

New Moon: September 27 in Libra and your 5th House of creativity and love. You might have to choose between two or more romantic prospects on this date. Expect a romantic night.  

Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces is a date to circle as you could hear news and progress relating to your career. There are opportunities for advancement where hard work has been in play. There will be news received that is cause for celebration. So be prepared to like what you hear on this day. You will have the drive, motivation and determination to do whatever it takes to turn your dreams into serious realities.  

Lucky colors: grey, black and white
Most inspirational signs: Leo and Aquarius