Leo September


The Sun transit through your 2nd House of personal possessions will be highlighted this month. It's a money month for Leo with your thoughts focused on money and how you can make more. You will be on a roll and determined to find ways to garner more income.  Additionally, Mercury (Communications) has resumed direct motion in Virgo (your 2nd House), making any delays or confusion regarding relationships, money or miscommunication fade away. 

Good news, Leo. September promises to be an adventurous month filled with new opportunities both personally and professionally. Having Mercury (Communications) in Virgo impacts your 2nd House of income and helps you grasp the big picture regarding your expenses. You might be asking yourself questions such as: How much money do I need to be comfortable? How can I make more money so that I can save some? There is a strong possibility that you might find an additional side job or project that brings extra money your way. This transit lasts from 9/9 - 9/25, so expect to be having intense communications and thoughts regarding money throughout the month at least until the 25th. It will be important to plan ahead this month, Leo. Try to work on a budget and stick with it for the best results.  

Mars (Drive) enters your sign on 9/18 and will remain there until 11/11.  This transit promises to rev up your love life, sexuality and all professional alliances. Mars also enhances your beauty and gives you a tremendous amount of energy. Anytime Mars transits your sign is a time when energy levels are higher and you find that you have the ability to take on multiple tasks with relative ease. Mars makes you more alluring to both sexes and brings out your natural leadership qualities. Take advantage of this transit, Leo. Venus (Love) begins the month in Virgo (2nd House) and enters Libra and your 3rd House of short distance travel and siblings on 9/14. This is a much better placement for Leo as Libra is an air sign, so during the Venus transit of Libra, you will feel more at ease and you might notice that romance could be found close by.
Single? You could meet the love of your life through relatives, neighbors or during short distance trips. You could meet Mr. or Ms Right when and where you least expect it, so make sure you look your very best throughout September as there will be opportunities galore with Venus and Mars working in your favor. It's a GREAT month for love for all Leos, single or coupled. Coupled Leos might get a second wind and want to renew commitments where an existing relationship is involved.  
The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will play prominent roles in your life this month. With a Cancer, you might be feeling nostalgic for old times and you could find yourself connecting with this individual on a daily basis. A Capricorn makes you think about business and the bigger picture where you bank account is involved. A Capricorn could prompt you to reconsider the way you view your possessions and make you rethink how you earn a living.
New Moon: September 27th in Libra will be an excellent day for relationship opportunities. You will have both Venus (Love) and Mars (Drive) in your sign making you energetic and more than desirable in the eyes of many. Take your time as this is about as good as it gets, love wise. An excellent date for love for all Leos, coupled or single.    

Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces brings about news relating to finances. This is a tense Full Moon as finances or possessions you share with others will be in the spotlight, for better or for worse. Relatives, partners of all kinds (love and business) and even children may be involved in issues that come to light this day.  

Lucky colors: Green and silver
Most loyal sign: Virgo