Libra September


September promises to be a month of intrigue as the month begins with Venus (Love) and Mercury (Communications) in your 12th House of secrets, (what you keep hidden and your untapped creativity), Libra. You might find yourself reflecting on your past and concluding that you might have made some mistakes but you also realize how far you have come. There are no halfway measures. It will be all or nothing at all whenever the Sun transits your 12th House. Additionally, with Saturn (Lessons) in your sign, you might have felt blocked in certain areas but this month changes your immediate perception of your own creativity or possibly that of another. 
You take steps to achieve what you feel is best for YOU, Libra. Expect some soul searching about life in general and how you ultimately can contribute to it. Your could have creative and artistic inclinations. Suddenly, you write a manuscript, paint a beautiful picture or dance the night away. Get the idea, Libra? Your thinking will lean towards the internal and you might not want to share what you feel or think; however, you will learn to confront any problematic areas that could get out of hand and tackle them with precision and fortitude. The month begins with a slow pace. On 9/18, Mars (Action) enters Leo and your 11th House of friendships and groups to which you belong. Don't be surprised if an ex love enters the picture. This transit of Mars lasts until 11/11, so expect to be on the receiving end of invitations to parties and spending time with close friends. You may find yourself more focused on close friendships and how much they mean to you and what they contribute to your life in terms of overall fulfillment, longevity and happiness.
You are a loyal friend and cherished romantic partner. Mars promotes tremendous physical energy to get everything done and on time. There are signs of a big bonus, Libra, especially on 9/18 and throughout this transit until 11/11.  There are other planets preparing to enter your sign throughout the remainder of the month, so it's important that you make firm decisions this month and stick with them. Mars will assist you in making those changes and you won't hesitate when it comes to fresh starts in new directions. Only you know what this means, Libra.
On 9/14, Venus will enter you sign and give your love life a serious boost. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of you. You will find your creativity soaring and others will admire your charm and beauty. Anytime your ruling planet, Venus, transits your sign of Libra, you can expect your love life to get more exciting and intense. A partner suddenly notices you in a more flattering light, especially those Libras in long term relationships. Singles could meet someone new that enters the picture and changes EVERYTHING. Venus will remain in your sign until 10/9 so make sure you utilize this transit wisely. Get out if you're single and wear your most flattering clothes. If you feel you can afford it this would be a good time to find the perfect sexy top or blouse or pair of jeans under this Venus Transit. But if money is tight and shopping is a no no, you will still be seen as incredibly sexually appealing.
On 9/25 (Mercury) will enter your sign and meet up with Venus in your sign which will increase your magnetism even more . Mercury rules the way you communicate with everyone around you. Coupled or single, this is a month to get your love life in tip top shape and if you're in a committed relationship or married, this is a month to get reacquainted with your love. It's a month of self evaluation and self realization where the past collides with the present, Libra.  

New Moon: September 27 in Libra will be an excellent day for you. New Moons equal new beginnings and offer new opportunities.  
Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces  brings news about your routines and possibly presents a new job or new assignment that proves to be your best creation yet.
Lucky colors: Red and black
Most compatible signs: Virgo, another Libra and Pisces