Pisces September

The Sun transits Virgo, your 7th House of marriage and serious relationships both personal and professional during September, Pisces. The month begins with Venus (Love) in Virgo. Additionally, Mercury (Communications) has now resumed direct motion, which in turn finds you more focused, in an uplifting mood and noticing the moods of those around you to be much more stable and less emotional.
Venus in Virgo is a propitious time for your career and love life to blossom, Pisces. You can produce, promote and give your best presentations to higher ups and romantic partners during this transit which lasts through 9/14. Venus then enters Libra and highlights your 8th House of sex, power and mundane issues like insurance and mortgages. With Venus entering Libra on 9/14, you will find your mood to be more upbeat, more social and the desire to mix and mingle with others will be accelerated. Also, this transit (Venus in Libra) accentuates time spent with someone up close and personal. Single or coupled, Pisces love life should thrive this month as you might find yourself in an adventurous mood socially and this could attract new opportunities, socially, professionally and romantically, if that is what you desire.
The 8th House is a power House so you will be dealing with issues of power this month, Pisces. It's up to you not to abuse it or take it for granted. Utilize your power constructively to help others and you will find this generosity benefiting you. Also, this transit can help you come up with innovative solutions to irritating issues like taxes, mortgage, loans and insurance. So be the creative and loving spirit you are and watch your own power expand in ways you never thought possible. This month, Mars (Drive) will be in the compatible water sign of Cancer until 9/18, which can bring about a surge in your popularity and brings attention your way, front and center, from all walks of life. The more confidence you project, the more confident you actually get during this transit.
September is a month of career progress, finding your inner peace and aiming for balance in your daily life. You will find that September is a month that is significantly less stressful than August was. It's your kind of month, Pisces. Just make sure to keep up with your health and fitness routines to feel your best. Realize also that you have an attraction factor off the charts and could gain recognition from your peers for a contribution you have made to others.

New Moon: September 27 in Libra is sure to boost your confidence with an ongoing romance or a committed love affair. Expect conversations between you and a significant other around this time to deepen and become more intense. You will find that love is as close as your front door and you will feel emotionally fulfilled on this New Moon.
Full Moon: in Pisces on September 12th. Mark this date on your calendar as events that occur will be faced paced and hectic but bring new opportunities your way, Pisces.
Jupiter (Luck) and Mars (drive) are forming beneficial angles to this moon bringing about some good news. Expect to hear news relating to a project begun long ago.

Most compatible signs: Virgo and another Pisces

Lucky colors: Emerald and various shades of green.