Virgo September


Happy Birthday, Virgo. The Sun transit through your 1st House of personality and appearance rings in a birthday month filled with lots of closeness with VIPs and chances for new relationships to emerge, if that is what you desire. The month of September starts out with the New Moon on 7/30 from August still in effect, attracting those you hope to impress.  The month begins with Venus (Love) in Virgo. Venus in your sign makes you stand out and enables you to impress others without really trying, romantically and creatively. Make sure you take full advantage of this Venus transit, Virgo.
Yes, Virgo September promises to be a fun filled and emotionally fulfilling month for you, especially in matters of love. Additionally, Mercury (Master communicator and your planetary ruler) enters your sign on 9/9 making you even more outstanding in your interactions with others. You speak eloquently and quite effectively whenever Mercury transits your 1st House, so take note of those admiring glances coming your way. Pluto (endings/beginnings), which has been retrograde, will turn direct on 9/16 in Capricorn. It promises to make you more grounded in your decision making when it comes to your creativity, romance and goals that you WILL be able to fulfill.
Where you might have felt stalled in matters regarding love and creativity, this month promises to eradicate any fears you might have had and will enable you to set more realistic goals. It's a winning situation for you, Virgo, no matter how you look at it.
On 9/18, Mars (Action) enters Leo and your 12th House of seclusion where it will remain until 11/11. This could bring about a new relationship that is secret in nature or it could be that you and a romantic partner could be desiring some private time together as the attraction will be intense and communication will be mutually fulfilling. As the month comes to a conclusion, Mercury and Venus enter Libra and your 2nd House of income and possessions on 9/25. You might notice that finances are suddenly more stressful as some unexpected expenses could occur; however, you will have the ability to cover these expenses as your earnings will increase this transit. This is a prosperous time for Virgo.

New Moon: September 27th there will be five planets in Libra and your 2nd House of income. You could hear some news relating your finances as these planets are forming a beneficial angle to your career house. You could land a new job, get a raise or receive an unexpected check in the mail. Pay attention to the events that occur on this date and make sure you get out and network. It's a month to be seen and heard, Virgo. You won't be disappointed.
Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces highlights your romantic relationships. Something unexpected and sudden could come up on this date relating to your marital or relationship status. Good news Virgo: Whatever you learn on this date should be quite positive and will benefit your romantic life, so expect good news to emerge.

Lucky colors: Gold and orange
Most compatible signs: Leo and Aquarius