Aquarius October Forecast


This is a month of mystery, getting to the bottom line and research. You could be dealing with deep emotions, secrets and matters shrouded in privacy. Know that all confidential matters could be disclosed unless you are not 110% sure that someone can be trusted. Venus (Love) Mercury (Communications) will be touring your 10th House of success and prestige. This is a fortunate placement for you this month; however, with so much intensity in the air, there is a possibility of meeting someone where you work and a relationship quickly escalates. This could happen to you, Aquarius. Make sure that you're not hurting someone. If a relationship occurs this month, it will be kept in secret due to the fact that one of you could be involved with another or that you just prefer to keep certain things to yourself. If you prefer your privacy, then this month is tailor made for you, Aquarius. Single or coupled, there are some issues concerning privacy and your partner this month. If single, it could be a friend that you disclose a private matter to and if you coupled, make sure your other half is not up to shady behaviors as someone could get caught and live to regret it. Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed, Aquarius. Be emotionally honest for best results. Your friends will love you no matter what you say or do as long as you remain sincere.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 brings news regarding a relative, a neighbor or someone in your community with whom you're acquainted. It is also possible that you're educating yourself about new cities and new neighborhoods. Since Neptune makes a wide angle to this moon, you could hear news that thrills you or appeals to your idealism and worldviews in some fashion. It's all about community and relatives and neighbors on this date.    

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 could bring interesting career offers your way, Aquarius. You will be in a power position and you get your way on this important day. There will be four planets in the sign of Scorpio on the New Moon and this might prompt you to be more indulgent and self-involved but you will feel entitled to some privileges  

The signs of Virgo and Pisces will play behind the scenes roles.