Cancer October Forecast


The Sun transits your 4th House of home and family this month, Cancer. This transit should bring a sense of enlightenment to all family, home, community, property and ownership matters. Home decor, maintenance and additions of space will be considered beneficial areas for you. Additionally, this month, the planets of Love (Venus) and Communications (Mercury) will enter the compatible sign of Scorpio which blends well with your intuitive nature, Cancer. On 10/9, Venus enters Scorpio where it will bring about opportunities for love, romance or a creative project. This trend will last until 11/26, so take advantage of the surprises and gifts this transit will present to you, Cancer. You could notice that where your self confidence has been low it  suddenly increases and you feel better and look better than ever. Confidence makes a comeback for all Cancers during this prosperous time, but remember that you must make the effort to get the reward. Say yes to invitations and smile at those you are attracted to. You might be surprised to find that others take to you during this time. After 10/13, when Mercury enters Scorpio, your mind and heart are in the same place, your creativity soars and your sex appeal will be undeniable.  You will be seeking entertainment and you can expect to find it in October, Cancer.

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 brings about opportunities for creative work. You might find that your personal power is quite strong and your confidence will carry you through anything this month even after your competition has bitten the dust. Pay attention to your career during this time as your life could seem more exaggerated or have an exaggerated quality to it. It will be easy for minor issues to get blown out of proportion or for your sensitive feelings to get hurt over something which really has no basis to cause you anguish. Be especially careful and think twice about what you say this month as well, as there could be a tendency to say something to a co-worker, boss or client you could later regret.  

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 - Just as the month picks up steam, so do your career obligations. You could find yourself working longer hours or pushing to complete a project for a presentation. There could be a ton of activity and perhaps some chaos to this day so do your best to meet your obligations and remain grounded when people around you seem overly stressed.

An Aries and a Libra will play important roles in your month