Gemini October Forecast


You could get annoyed and impatient this month regarding your daily routine and might feel the need to take a serious gamble. The Sun transits your 5th House encouraging your creative talents, strengthening your sexuality and making you the life of the party. October promises to put you in communication with upbeat and highly social individuals who appeal to your duplicitous nature.  Make sure you are able to differentiate between your fantasies and the reality of your life.  Actions based on pure impulse this month could bring about loss or possible embarrassment. So blend your impulsive side with temperance for the best results, especially where the opposite sex and physical relationships are concerned. Talk about intensity, Gemini. October will be filled with elements of deep secrecy and you will sense this on 10/9, when Venus enters Scorpio - the most intense and secretive sign, until 11/2. During this time, you may become more circumspect in your work routine. You could be keeping your sudden insights into others to yourself, as opposed to sharing them with anyone who will listen- so NOT like you, Gemini. This transit could also bring about or result in a serious flirtation or a possible affair with a co-worker. Be ultra careful of mixing business with pleasure this month as secrets will not remain secret for too long unless you are careful and say no to some very tempting offers. Additionally, Mercury (Your ruling planet) enters Scorpio on 10/13 bringing depth and a psychic component into the mix just to complicate things. You could be mulling over a big life changing decision this month. You are seeking the bottom line in whatever you undergo, and nothing less than that will satisfy you.  

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 forms a beneficial angle to the career section of your chart. There could be news connected to a career issue that somehow alters or completely changes your work routine. Keep all confidential matters private before spilling them out to others. You could say something only to regret it later so watch for news and keep it yourself on or around this date. You will have time to make big announcements next month. This is a powerful new Moon which will yield more free time which you may need since you could be offered a powerful position that you might want to think about before you commit.  

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 - adds an intriguing component to Venus and Mercury. On the one hand, you might want to keep your discoveries to yourself, but the full Moon could prompt you to blurt out all those pent up emotions: a foreign concept to Gemini. It could get confusing so try to tone down the urge to reveal or tell all on this day. Mars in Leo forms a beneficial angle to this Moon, indicating that someone has set their sights on you and might refuse to take no for an answer. Someone could fall madly and passionately in love with you and pursue you aggressively. Make sure that any potential romantic partners understand that the best way to get to you is through your mind and by attracting you mentally as well as physically.      

A Cancer and a Capricorn could play strong roles in your month