Libra October Forecast


The Sun will be in your 1st House as October opens, Libra. However, the planets of Love (Venus) and Communications (Mercury) will gather power in your 2nd House of finance, personal possessions and disposable income making money a hot topic for all Libras. These areas take on great significance and will be a dominant theme throughout the month, Libra. On 10/9, Venus enters Scorpio and brings a greater emotional intensity to the way you view money and how you deal with your possessions.  The month begins with Venus (your ruler) in Libra which gives you appeal and has others wondering how you make it all seem so simple. Once Venus enters Scorpio on 10/9, you might get excessively worried about your finances but don't panic yet. This transit should help increase your income perhaps through a bonus, raise or perhaps even a side job. One way or another, Venus in Scorpio will help you get control of your finances. Why so intense? The sign of Scorpio in secretive by nature and is always trying to get to the bottom of things that wouldn't ordinarily appeal to everyone. Avoid emotional outbursts as they are not necessary and certainly will not solve issues at hand. Once Mercury (Communication) enters Scorpio, you will find those feelings of heaviness retreating and your natural optimism will return. You will be able to express your thoughts and feelings about money and you could also gain tremendous insight into the way your mind deals with this sensitive topic. Just make sure to not discuss the subject with others and pay attention to what you say and to whom you say it. Remember, Libra, what we say is a reflection of what we believe.

Mars in Leo could make you ultra stubborn in love affairs throughout October. Realize that Leo and Scorpio are powerful together. While Scorpio is intense, Leo is passionate. This can be a powerful combination for romance. However, with your emotions being intensely affected by these two transits, be aware of a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. Chill, Libra.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 brings about a dynamic, passionate relationship front and center if you are coupled. Singles might land a creative assignment of their dreams on this date. This is a good time for single Libra to get out and look for a potential partner as Aries is your 7th House of marriage. Contracts and agreements should be pushed on this date.

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 with four planets in Scorpio could have you feeling intuitive like never before. This moon works in your favor, Libra, so take advantage of opportunities and seize the month by knowing at the end of the day, you are in charge!

Expect October to be a month of enlightenment where personal aspirations, uncertainties and problems can be resolved to your approval. This is an ideal month to make amends regarding any ongoing misunderstandings.  And remember that a little flattery goes a VERY long way, especially where love is in the picture.

The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius will play important roles.