Sagittarius October Forecast


It's going to be a hectic and frenetic month, so get ready for a bumpy ride, Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury join together this month in your 12th House (Scorpio) which is all about privacy, strong emotions and feelings of isolation ( the self imposed kind.) It's entirely possible that you will need and demand some solo time.  You could get overly possessive emotionally....a foreign concept for your normally freedom loving nature. You may have a tempting opportunity to get involved in a secretive liaison or affair. Make sure you are aware of this person's true marital status.  You should consider the consequences and seek someone available who really intrigues you. Have fun but remember whatever you do in secret could come to light, Sagittarius, and it might not be a pretty picture. All the activity in the sign of Scorpio can make you withdraw or feel out of sync with those in your immediate environment but don't make let these feelings cause you to make snap decisions.

 Venus (Love) enters Scorpio, your House of secrets on 10/9 and stays there through 11/2. Then on 10/14 Mercury meets up with Venus and you might find your passion running quite high this month, Sagittarius.

The Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 brings news regarding an ongoing romance. This news could also have to do with pets, children or a creative project. Neptune (Illusion) forms a beneficial angle to this moon so, you will feel the need to get to the bottom of a situation and see people and relationships as they really are, not merely a reflection of who or what you want them to be. With so much energy occurring in emotional and foreign territory this month, you might find yourself feeling restless with the moon full in a fire sign. This Moon will occur in your 9th House of travel, so make plans to possibly explore an exotic destination or delve into information about foreign countries and foreign travel. Even something as simple as a weekend getaway could do wonders for your adventurous spirit.    

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 brings about news of a secretive nature. There will be an ability to know without knowing where you stand on this date. Intuition runs high.  Make sure you are realistic in this relationship. Conditions are ripe for jealousy and possessiveness.   

Career wise, you are in a great place courtesy of Pluto in your 2nd House. You could be occupied by a leadership role or be asked to take on the role of one. Co-workers and associates will look to you for all answers to pressing matters. You are in a strong position with your career. VIPS and another Sagittarius could be ultra supportive of you this month. Be the leader that others see you to be, Sagittarius.

The signs of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces will play loyal roles.