Scorpio October Forecast


While Libra (Your 12th House) is usually considered your low cycle time of the year, this month is different and that is good news for those Scorpios looking for love. It's ultra beneficial for all Scorpios as well, since Mercury and Venus occupy your sign for most of the month. Venus (Love) enters your sign on 10/9 and stays there through 11/2. This should be quite the month for a new romance, a new project or a new look.  It's an excellent time for a new hairstyle or to shop for accessories that can take a simple outfit and bling it up/out. This should be a time when others find your charm, attractiveness and seductive ways nearly impossible to resist. On 10/13, Mercury (Communications) joins Venus (Love) in your sign. This is ABOUT as good as it gets, so make the most of this time because there WILL BE opportunities for single and coupled Scorpios alike. All Scorpio need to get out and be seen for best results. Take a class, go to the gym, smile at that person you have been admiring and make sure you dress to impress. Positive impressions can be made at your job, in your love life and where your looks are especially concerned, coupled or single. This is a time when whatever you purchase will please you and you can expect  positive responses from all sides. You will be noticed and admired by the opposite sex but you HAVE to make efforts to keep busy and make sure you pour your energy into something or someone this month. You will be amazed at the opportunities that come your way by the time the Sun enters your 1st House on 10/23, so make certain that you make every effort to put yourself out there, to those you work for or with and ESPECIALLY where LOVE and your public image and personal appearance are involved.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 forms a beautiful angle to your career and chosen profession so news you receive will be positive. Additionally, Mars (Drive) is still in your 10th House of prestige and authority figures, so this moon will give you opportunities for advancement in your career plus the added benefit of being in the spotlight.  Superiors and VIPs are watching your performances, so be conscientious in all areas. You expect to hear something positive about your career on this date. Ironically, whenever Venus transits your sign as it does this month, you might come to serious conclusions that life is not JUST about work and obligations. You will find yourself putting the emphasis on love, music and romance whenever Venus enters your sign, Scorpio. Take some time this month to indulge your passion. Find your bliss and pursue that which appeals to you. You will see that balancing your life during this period, Scorpio, will give you new energy and focus.   

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26. This full moon happens once a year in your sign, Scorpio. This is a time to focus on your hopes, wishes and goals for the next year.

The signs of Taurus and another Scorpio will play important roles.