Taurus October Forecast


The lunation in your 6th House activates an interest in people, places and subjects that are new to you. The emphasis is on work methods and getting along with co-workers. You will also be reminded of keeping your health in check and making sure you adhere strictly to your exercise regimen and vitamins.  Be aware of nutrition and watch what you are REALLY eating, for best results, Taurus. On 10/9, Venus (Love) enters Scorpio which should bring about a deepening relationship or a stronger commitment to a career path you're already on. Then, on 10/13, Mercury (Communications) enters Scorpio. Talk about emotional experiences. Single or coupled, this month should bring about new faces and new opportunities where and when you least expect them. Single or coupled, Venus and Mercury in the sign of Scorpio could change the dynamics of your relationships for the next couple of weeks. You could suddenly find yourself ready, willing and able to discuss your personal feelings, needs and expectations. Scorpio is all about extremes, Taurus, so don't be surprised to find yourself feeling passionately about certain areas that would normally not bother you. You might be feeling jealous, resentful or doubting yourself. Try to tone down any sabotaging behaviors and project confidence even if you feel anything but. With Jupiter (Luck, expansion) retrograde in your 1st House, you could be mulling over the past and tending to internalize past events. Don't go there, Taurus. REALIZE that you are in the perfect place to discuss what bothers you but make sure you remain grounded in your communications with others. You could be feeling low on energy, especially after 10/23 when the Sun enters your 7th House of marriage and serious partnerships. You have an artistic nature, courtesy of Venus, so take advantage of your creative skills this month and get lost in something that appeals to you. Writing, painting, collecting and even photography would be ideal areas to pursue in your spare time. Make the most of this!

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 focuses on your career and a professional relationship that becomes closer and more meaningful to you. Single Taurus could find this Moon brings about the right person at the right time. Remember, Taurus, Scorpio is your opposite sign and brings about chances for a serious love relationship but it also rules divorce. Saturn (Lessons) in Libra (Love) insists that you play by the rules, so treat others with kindness and remember to play fair. Saturn doesn't like short cuts or taking the easy way out. You will have to work hard to maintain a loving relationship and efforts made on your behalf will not remain unnoticed. Emotions will be highly charged on this date so make sure you don't overreact to minor mishaps.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 illuminates something that is hidden in your life. It could involve the past, strong desires or some compelling issues you might not be ready to deal with. Mars in Leo will form a favorable angle to this moon, suggesting lots of activity in your life on or around this date. Family issues could play a strong role. A family member might need encouragement and you might find activity occurring happens fast and furious. Events could catch you off guard, Taurus.   

A Virgo and a Pisces will be helpful and supportive.