Virgo October Forecast


The Sun begins the month transiting your 2nd House of finance where it remains until 10/23 when it enters your 3rd House of expert communications. October has a bit of everything for you, Virgo and you will let it be known who is in charge and what to expect. Bottom line: You have the last and final word where your life is involved. You will do it your way in October. Realize that a major lifestyle change could be beneficial for you.

Expect to begin the month focused.  Emotions are deeply taken into consideration and your intuition will be spot on accurate.  

Expect a busy, productive and surprising month, Virgo. Every area of your life will be magnified courtesy of Venus (Love) and Mercury (Communications) in Scorpio, your 3rd House of communications. The 3rd House is also about a way with words, especially for you since Mercury rules your sign and makes a favorable and compatible angle to Scorpio. You might have a strong inclination this month to communicate to your heart's desire about where you live, who you love, who you live with, where you work and how you live and the world we live in. In October you won't hesitate to express your heartfelt emotions about these areas and you will make sure that the proper structures are put solidly into place. Basically, you will organize your life to your liking and you will be consistent, compelling and loyal in your communications with others as they relate to these areas. Close friends, family and neighbors are also ruled by your 3rd House so these areas could play a stronger role in your life this month.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 falls in your 8th House of taxes and insurance. You might receive news regarding these topics on this date. However, your expert communication skills can sell anything to anyone this month so you can talk your way out of potentially costly or negative situations. Your mind is exceptionally clear and sharp. Solutions to any immediate happenings will be dealt with in innovative ways. If you are going through a divorce, you could reach an agreement on this date that will satisfy you, Virgo. If single, an agreement or a contract could play a role.

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 brings in new opportunities for additional self-expression. Career opportunities are plentiful and you might hear news about a possible promotion. Your peers will recognize your many talents and someone special already does. On this New Moon, create a dialogue with your partner about your expectations for the relationship. Since Mercury (Communications) has now entered your 2nd House (Money), you and a partner should also discuss the topic of finances and how you both spend it. This will be important for Virgo on this day.  

The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play key roles.