Aquarius November Forecast


This month opens with two key planets (Mercury/Communication and Venus (Love) entering the friends, hopes and wishes House of your horoscope this month. This transit begins on 11/2 and lasts until 11/24, when Mercury then retrogrades back into Sagittarius and your 11th House, for an extended stay from 11/24 - 12/13. To find out more about Mercury retrograde and what it means, click here. During this period, things that were progressing earlier in the month will slow down suddenly. But this will give you the breather that you need to brace for December, Aquarius. The last two months of 2011 will feature two eclipses. There is a solar eclipse in your 11th House in Sagittarius on 11/25, while another lunar one occurs in December on 12/10 in the sign of Gemini and your 5th House. To learn more about how these eclipses will affect you, click on thislink and scroll down to the bottom. To learn more about eclipses in general - click this link

As November, opens you could find your schedule alive and kicking with constant activity, the phone rings off the hook and you will be everyone's "go to" person. Your friendships will multiply and you could even meet the love of your life through a friend. Perhaps an ex love appears suddenly. November promises to be productive, fast paced and filled with important relationships that fulfill you on a deep level. You are in command in and in charge as November begins. Friendships will play a larger than life role this month and you could even strike up a romance with a friend. It might feel like the timing is right and an undeniable connection is present. Single Aquarius could feel the best they have felt in months while coupled Aquarius are feeling exceptionally content this month. Additionally, having the love planet in this sign (Sagittarius) is also compatible for Aquarius as it makes them the life of ANY party. Many consider you open minded and this month there is a need to have an open mind as the energy will seem frenetic and even chaotic at times. There will be a solar eclipse on 11/25 in the sign of Sagittarius which is your 11th House. A Full Moon in Taurus occurs on 11/10 and promises to bring news regarding recent work efforts, for better or for worse. The good news is that whatever you learn this month will prompt you to look deeper and see other sides of the equation. You might find the more you do this, the more attractive others find your company and presence.

The third of the most personal and intimate planets, Mars, begins the month in your 7th House and stays there for ten days so take advantage of this excellent time in your personal relationships. On 11/11 Mars (Action/Energy) will then enter Virgo and your 8th House. You can expect the issues of insurance, taxes and mortgages to become areas that will command attention. However, the 8th House is also about sex, power and deeply committed relationships so these areas will be working in your favor as well. This month will keep you on your game and you could make enormous progress in your personal hopes and private wishes.    

The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will be play important roles in your life this month, Aquarius