Capricorn November Forecast

The emphasis this month occurs in your 12th House of untapped creativity, secrets and those private matters that you might feel are best kept quiet and oh so confidential. On 11/2, Venus and Mercury will enter Sagittarius and your 12th House until 11/24. These are two VIPs in terms of personal planets that affect the intimate details of your life. When these planets transit the 12th House, the past, secrets, and things you keep to yourself are going to enter the spotlight in November, Capricorn. This transit brings about things happening in secret, and you might be confronted by some consequences of your past actions. The actions of you and others close to you will be made public and there will be eventual enlightenment when all is said and done this month.  There is a New Moon and solar eclipse in Sagittarius, again in your 12th House, so get matters out in the open or suffer the ramifications. If you have no secrets, then all should be fine. Speaking of love, there is an element of secrecy occurring in your love life in November, Capricorn. Be very careful of deception, especially if both of you are coupled up with others. So begin November on the honest side and focus on principals and integrity, especially in all things you keep private, Cappie!
Mars will enter Virgo on 11/11 and remain there until next year. This creates powerful new awareness and idealism in subjects like travel, foreign countries the world and your personal politics.
Venus will enter your sign on 11/26, creating a new sense of sexuality and appealing factor where you and the public some together. There could be communication via secretive ways such as sneaking off to text or email this person. You will feel strongly about this relationship and you might be willing to give up something in order to have this relationship taken to the proper level. Emotions will run strong this month but ultimately, you learn to stand your ground and fight for what you believe is right. Mercury retrograde will also go down during this time. Read more about Mercury here.
The signs of Pisces and Virgo will play key roles in your life this month.