Pisces November Forecast


November is a huge career month for Pisces as Venus and Mercury, the personal and intimate planets of love and communication enter your 10th House of recognition from peers, prestige and the opportunity to show those in power your artistic and business sensibilities. A Full Moon in Taurus occurs on 11/10 and can bring about news relating to your neighbors, relatives or siblings, warming your heart and putting a smile on your face. Additionally, the other personal planet of Mars (Drive) will enter Virgo and your 7th House on 11/11 making this a significant time of expansion in BOTH your business and romantic relationships. This is one of your best times in 2011 professionally, so get out there and mix and mingle with those who you hope to impress. It will take very little effort of your part to get these people to notice you. All you have to do is show up, Pisces. Make sure you do this between 11/2 - 11/24 because Mercury will go retrograde on 11/24 and remains there until 12/13. For more on Mercury retrograde click here.

In addition to the Mercury retrograde, there is a solar eclipse in Sagittarius in your 10th House on 11/25 AND a New Moon. This is a prosperous and unusually fortunate time, especially for your love life, Pisces.This eclipse sees a deeper commitment to both your love life, your career and even extends to your extended family. To see how this eclipse will play out click here and scroll to the bottom to see how this will play out.    

This is a month that asks you to remain flexible, embrace new beginnings, however painful or frustrating they might be and open your heart to those who would love to hear from you, Pisces. You might be busy reviewing and revising your plans, career and personal goals during the latter part of the month while the beginning of the month focuses on key career assignments. You might have a paper to write, a manuscript to submit or you could be pushing your agenda in a direction you feel strongly about. Go for it, Pisces. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking for what you want. You might be surprised to find that doors previously shut will now be open wide in November.

Your ruling planet Neptune turns direct in Aquarius on 11/9 and begins its slow journey into your sign for next year. Consciously or not, this will make you think about your worldviews and promotes an interest in therapy, psychology and your personal beliefs. You will find a good structure within this area of your life between now and early next year, Pisces.

The signs of Aries and Libra will play personal roles and will be supportive and especially loving this month, Pisces.