Sagittarius November Forecast


November will be your kind of month, Sagittarius. Although it will be a very fast paced month for all signs, you will be feeling it more so as two key personal planets (Venus/Mercury) enter your sign on 11/2 in addition to an eclipse and if all that isn't enough, Mercury goes retrograde in your 1st House. The action begins on 11/2 when Venus and Mercury transit the love and communication areas of your horoscope and bestow added charm, sex appeal and a serious way with words. You will be able to sell anyone anything during this powerful month, personally and professionally. In addition to Venus and Mercury in your sign, there is a solar eclipse in your 1st House on 11/25th. Additionally the Sun will have entered your 1st House near the end of the month, leaving behind a mysterious and secretive feel to your love life. There are some who might consider you to be keeping something secret such as feelings, actual secrets or a passionate love affair. As the month begins; the Sun will be in your 12th House of seclusion, so there is something to what others are saying, Sagittarius. Something big is happening now but you might want to keep this a private matter or be on the down low. You have a right to have some of your own secrets but make sure that you don't hurt anyone in this process, Sagittarius.

A Full Moon occurs in Taurus on 11/10 which could be an emotional time. A Taurus and a Scorpio will be supportive and find you beyond charming. Not one to complain, you have a great attitude which rubs off on practically everyone you encounter this month. Then a New Moon and an eclipse occur on 11/25 prompting you to charm everyone, despite Mercury retrograde. This is a powerful month for you, in every aspect. Travel could be in the planning stages or you could be involved in matters relating to travel this month.
An Aries and a Libra will play key roles. These signs can be counted on and do care for you and prove it this month, Sagittarius.