Taurus November Forecast


Taurus needs to buckle up and prepare for a productive and somewhat unorthodox approach to everything that is undertaken this month. The month begins with Venus and Mercury leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius and your 8th House of power and what you have disowned. The love and communication planets that affect the intimate details of your life change signs. Last month, they travelled through Scorpio and your 7th House of marriage, business and seriously committed relationships. This is about long term potential as opposed to a casual friendship or a casual love affair. Under Scorpio, it was all or nothing. With Jupiter retrograde affecting your life in terms of expansion, these planets enter Sagittarius on 11/2. Your 8th House also indicates mystery, control and other odd happenings. The odds are in your favor whether you're single or coupled. Single Taurus might want to be alone or not leave the house, but there is no excuse for Taurus to be single with so much going for them. Chemistry is there and available and it should feel amazing and electric with Venus in Sagittarius. Your love life becomes more alive and colorful during this transit. You could meet someone through study, be making plans for a trip with someone you love or you might even be working on writing and publishing during this time. All are good choices for you during this Venus transit of Sagittarius which lasts through 11/28 and affects your 8th House powerfully.

A Full Moon occurs in your sign on 11/10 and this will open your mind up to new ideas and new approaches, especially concerning your career. You could feel tired, achy and low on energy on this day but you will hear something that stays with you forever. You will be pointed in the right direction instinctively with regards to your career. You will see clearly why you have chosen this field and where it will take you. Expansion will be admired by VIPs and you find November to be one of your craziest, exciting and powerful months this year. Whatever you do on this date, don't begin new projects or start anything big. Full Moons are all about completions while New Moons equal new opportunities. Circle this date on your calendar and remember to practice moderation.  

This is also an eclipse month and Mercury goes retrograde so brace yourself, Taurus. This month's eclipse falls on 11/25 in Sagittarius and falls again in your 8th House. To see what you can expect, check out this link  to read all about how this will affect you. Solar eclipses are tied to external events, whereas Solar eclipses are more connected to us emotionally and internally. Don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling emotional at odd times throughout the month. Eclipses are known to be life changing and with all of this energy permeating your 8th House, things could get heated in a sexy kind of way. Make sure you get all important projects completed as best you can before Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius on 11/24 and lasts through 12/13. To give you an idea of how this will effect you, click on this link for Mercury retrograde and this link for eclipses.   

The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will play important roles in your month, Taurus.