Aquarius December Forecast


As December begins Venus (Love) is in Capricorn while Mercury (Communications) is retrograde in Sagittarius until 12/13. The pace of life slows down considerably as December begins. You might feel as though your close communications are misunderstood and people surrounding you could seem out of sorts and vice versa. This is only temporary and is a result of Mercury and this transit will end on 12/13. Additionally this month there is a lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini and your 5th House of romance, children and taking chances. This brings up emotional attitudes or expressions from you as eclipses typically represent beginnings and endings. There are new opportunities with a romance, children will be present or involved or you could hear news about a project that is dear to your heart. Since Gemini is a compatible element with you, Aquarius, whatever occurs on or around this date should be news of a pleasing nature. To learn how this eclipse will affect you- click this link.To learn more about lunar eclipses - clickhere.  Whatever transpires proves to be emotional but in a good way.

Long standing disputes will seem to straighten themselves out - especially the week of 12/14. Then, on 12/20, Venus enters your sign just in time for the Holidays, making this Holiday season somewhat odd or eccentric in some way. Plans are subject to change and unorthodox Holidays will take precedence for all signs. All eyes are on you during Venus transit through your sign, Aquarius. You will capture the interest of potential loves and higher ups will take note of your contributions. Taking risks pays off this month as you will learn mid-month, Aquarius. Those who told you it couldn't be done will be eating their own words. You know instinctively to always follow your bliss and it always leads you in the right direction. You only encounter problems when and if you let others influence you, which is a rarity for Aquarius. Realize that all eyes will remain on you from 12/20 - 1/14/12 so look your very best. Go shopping during this transit and you will find items that are becoming on you. Get your hair done and work on your social reputation. Show off your sense of humor and you could find someone or enhance an existing relationship with one who is ready, willing and able to commit for life.

As you approach 2012, realize that all planets are functioning at maximum capacities and you notice a strong sense of unity within your community. 2012 is a # 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 represents change, diversity, adaptability and flexibility. 2012 is going to be like a spy thriller for those of you who love a mystery. There will be secrets to unlock and investigations into the unknown as areas previously ignored will now gain your interest. Happy New Year, Aquarius!      

Lucky Number: # 4

Most Compatible Signs: Aries and Libra will show you the true meaning of the word love this month. Think about what love really means to you, Aquarius.