Capricorn December Forecast


As the month begins, Venus (Love) remains in your sign where it has been since 11/25 and will stay there until 12/20 when it enters Aquarius. This month is your month, Capricorn. You will be the main attraction wherever you go. You could find others in a complimentary mood and with Venus in your sign; there is no stopping you and your focus. It's the Holidays, Capricorn, and you might want to focus on key areas of life such as romance, family and whatever else you deem valuable. The only snag in December is Mercury (communications) in Sagittarius. This transit will last until 12/13 and you could find yourself really getting into the spirit of the season after this date. You might not want to do your shopping until after this date as items you purchase will need to be returned or not fit and cause you to experience delays. However, you might be having so much fun with Venus on your side that you realize that the value of the Holidays is not about presents, it's about love and family.

On 12/10, a lunar eclipse occurs in the sign of Gemini and this could affect your daily routines or bring about some intense emotions where your job, health and personal wellness are involved. On the same day, Uranus (Surprises) enters Aries direct so this day is one to mark on your calendar, Capricorn. Think before you say something, as emotions will run hot and heavy with everyone, not just you. Eclipses are about beginnings and endings and Uranus is about surprises and the unexpected. You will find yourself to be a voice of reason after all the emotions of the day calm down, so maintain your composure because people are looking to you for comfort and consolation.

You might find yourself more interested in socializing and having fun than on work. A new romance could develop this month or an existing one rises to the next level.  This is something to consider because work is calling and the only thing you might need is more time. There are not enough hours in the day for you or so it seems. Take one step at a time and realize that big changes are headed your way. On 12/24, a New Moon occurs in your sign, just in time for the Holiday. This Moon will bring news and opportunities for love, your career and wherever you are currently putting your focus.  

As you prepare to enter 2012, get ready for changes on the home front such as domestic adjustments and show kindness and gratitude to those who helped you along the way. Your ruler, Saturn, will transit two signs this year, Libra and Scorpio. This makes it imperative that you learn to find a balance where work and pleasure are involved. You naturally like to mix the two, but 2012 asks you to prioritize these areas and keep them separate in 2012. It will be a year where you reap what you have sown, Capricorn. Happy New Year!

Lucky Number:  # 8
Most Compatible Signs: Cancer and another Capricorn