Gemini December Forecast


Big news this month, Gemini! There is a lunar eclipse occurring in your sign on 12/10. This is in addition to Mercury (Communications) retrograde in your 7thHouse of marriage, legalities, business contracts and other relationships which may have seemed stagnant since 11/25. Eclipses are about beginnings and endings, so it's entirely possible that something big (like a wish) could happen for you this month when it comes to fresh starts in new directions, especially as they relate to your love and business life. You might get engaged, get that promotion or land a dream job. Remember that you have what it takes to do anything, so don't settle for less and realize that good things are headed your way, Gemini. Creative projects will go over especially well with superiors. As the month begins, events might not be as fast paced or run as smoothly as you would like but after your ruling planet, Mercury, turns direct on 12/14, you will feel the frustrations melt away and proceed with confidence and Holiday spirit. Venus (Love) begins the month in Capricorn which is your 8th House. This isn't the greatest placement for you but it will bring a sense of organization and efficiency to your life which is much needed. Then on 12/20, Venus enters Aquarius and love really takes you by surprise. There is a New Moon on 12/24 in the sign of Capricorn and this again falls in your 8th House. Remember to get organized, prioritize and make sure that you are prepared for an unpredictable 2012.

On 12/25, every planet will be moving forward enabling everyone to feel better about their relationships, be it family, friends or any other key relationships. You will get in the spirit of the Holidays between Christmas and New Years and might be surprised to find that everyone around you might be feeling the same. As the year winds down, you find yourself in a welcoming mood and ready for 2012. 2012 is a # 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 is all about change, diversity and variety - for ALL signs, Gemini. Realize that with Pluto in Capricorn in your 8th House, you hold more POWER and SEX APPEAL than you might realize. You might unconsciously emanate an "I'm not interested" sort of appeal which will make others find you that much more attractive. The saying "too hot to handle" could easily apply in 2012. 2012 is all about research, investigation and your superb communication skills.  Happy New Year, Gemini!

Lucky Number: # 5
Most Compatible Signs: Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius