Leo December Forecast


This is a strong Mercury retrograde for Leo, so the month could be emotional and nostalgic on some days. The month opens with Mercury (Communication) retrograde slowing down projects you would prefer to get going on, like now. The beginning of December asks that you slow down and review, revise and state your reservations in a calm and collected manor. With Venus (Love) in Capricorn, you might find that your communications with others are not somehow being perceived the way you would like. Tension is everywhere and everyone can feel it, Leo. During Venus transit of Capricorn, try and take it easier on yourself and let things flow, especially love and your career. Take the high road in any situation: however, be fair and honest in your dealings with others as issues from your past could return, especially if they involve communication breakdowns. Repair your past so that you may proceed forward where you belong, Leo. You should begin to start feeling more in sync with others the week of the 14th as communications are straightened out and everyone seems to be on the same page.
There is a Solar Eclipse (12/10) in the sign of Gemini. This could be an emotional time for you, for better or for worse, especially in terms of friendships and the way you interact with friends, family and your love. Reassess any weak areas and make certain that you iron out any opposing differences before it's too late, Leo. You are a true romantic at heart. On 12/20, Venus enters your 7th House of Aquarius. If single, you could be taking a new romance to a new and improved level. You will know in your heart who your heart belongs to this month, Leo. It's time to make your feelings known, as relationships bring Leo great satisfaction. The signs of another Leo and an Aquarius could be attracted to you and will let you know it. On 12/25, you will be in your element, excited to ring in 2012 and beginning to get real with yourself and honest with those closest to you, Leo. You will be touched by the heartfelt exchanges you have with someone special. This is how it should be, Leo.

With the Sun in Sagittarius and your 5th House during the first half of the month, your mind will be on romance. As the Sun prepares to enter Capricorn and your 6th House on 12/22, you find yourself more focused on career and your personal goals as they relate to more income as you move into the New Year. You feel the winds of change blowing as you prepare to enter 2012 and 2012 is going to be a #5 year. The number 5 represents change, versatility and adaptability. 2012 is about leadership and showcasing your personal talents, whatever they might be. Get ready for a wild ride, Leo. Happy New Year!

Lucky Number: # 1
Most Compatible Signs: Gemini and Sagittarius