Virgo December Forecast


December is lucky for Virgo, as it is all about building solid structures in the foundations of your life. You can be finicky and ultra critical of others, even though YOU might not realize this, Virgo. As December opens, your ruling planet, Mercury, is going retrograde which could make for some moments of discomfort where your patience is tested to the max. You could feel bewildered by certain events that involve friendships, your family and creative projects. These areas could be emotional in a good way. Make every effort to let others know where your heart is at all times. Try and relax as much as you can- if you can, Virgo! You're always striving to be a better individual.  Others see this and admire and adore you. Your efforts ARE appreciated. There is a Solar eclipse on 12/10 in the sign of Gemini, which impacts your professional life and brings up deep issues within yourself about how you earn a living. This could be of paramount importance to you and cause you to question or doubt the path you have chosen for yourself, Virgo. You will be elated or in despair courtesy of Pluto, Neptune and moving direct.  If it's the latter, realize that you CAN change anything you put your mind to, Virgo. 

A New Moon occurs on 12/24 in Capricorn and your 5th House of love and romance. Mark this date on your calendar and watch how smoothly events flow, especially relating to anything and anyone you are passionate about. You will take that risk, go that extra mile and make the effort and that is what makes you so attractive. With Venus in Capricorn, you have it made, Virgo. The beginning of the month might be slow but as the month progresses, especially on and around  12/14, events pick up and life is looking brand new as you prepare to step into 2012, Virgo. Love will play a strong role as well as lust. Mars will remain in your sign this month, giving you the understanding of what is at stake and what you ideally choose to do about it. You might be seen as a hero or a zero depending on other aspects of your chart.  It's your love and career life that is called on for review as are other areas, Virgo. Home might seem more appealing than work, so be advised that you should take advantage of the energy that comes with this powerful planet. Others think you have all the answers. Which you usually do, Virgo.

You prepare to enter 2012 determined to change the things that you don't like and fix them to your liking. This should be a breeze for you, Virgo. 2012 is also a 5 year in Numerology. 5 represents change, diversity and demands adaptability, like it or not.

Lucky Numbers: 5 & 22

Most Compatible Signs: Taurus and Scorpio