Virgo April Forecast

Mercury (Communications) your planetary ruler, could cause you to question your finances and think twice before purchasing something you might want but don't really need. April will be an intense month with a multitude of planets in Aries. Aries is your 8th House and it rules deeply committed love relationships and powerful emotions. It is also referred to as a power House. If you are in a position of power on some level, make sure to remain humble as Mercury could create some major misunderstandings this month, personally and professionally if you're not meticulous when it comes to the way you interact with others. The Month begins with Mercury, your ruling planet, retrograde in your 8th House, so you might want to slow down the pace and rethink, review and possibly revise your plans until Mercury goes direct on 4/23. Until then, take the time to enjoy your life as some chaotic and unpredictable events could take you by surprise if you're not communicating carefully. You might find yourself suddenly feeling possessive or overly insecure with a love interest or partner. Don't allow emotional outbursts to occur with a serious love interest. Hold off when it comes to powerful and destructive emotions like jealousy or possessiveness.
Mars (Physical energy/Aggression) is in Aries on 4/2 and will remain there until 5/11. Your health and well being could be of concern to you or that of someone close to you. Don't run yourself into the ground working endless hours, Virgo. You need rest and relaxation to perform at your optimal best. You also need to tend to your closest love relationships. Nurture them daily and encourage a love interest or partner to be as open and honest with you as possible. There could be some things hidden from view that might need to be addressed by one of you or on both parts. This is nothing that can't be fixed. Communication is the key to success in every relationship you have. Think about it! Your honesty and striaghtforward approach will make you that much more desirable to a love, so keep this is mind throughout the month and whenever doubt starts to creep in. Block it, stop it and open up. It's that simple. Another Virgo will be on your wavelength and can be counted on.
Neptune (Surprises/The Unexpected) enters Pisces (your 7th House) on 4/4 and this transit will last for 14 years. This is going to bring about the need for greater clarification in your committed relationships, business and personal. During this time, there might be some misunderstandings between you and a partner or spouse. You might not have all of the information needed but you will find a way to get to the heart of any love matter this month. And you will be able to resolve any persistent issues but you must remain clear, concise and realistic about love. Reality can sometimes be a wake up call that shows you errors in judgment but can also help you fix them and get closer as a result.
Venus(Love) begins the month in Pisces and moves into Aries on 4/21. This should be a mysterious time where a long term love is involved. A new chapter will begin in an ongoing romance. There can be a greater commitment to the one you love or a sense of mystery could suddenly enter the picture with a romantic interest. A Full Moon in Libra on 4/17 affects your finances and you could hear some uplifting news on this date regarding money or room for advancement for you in your career. You could get a new job or a raise in income. Expect good news to happen on 4/17. This day could also bring luck to a relationship and the chemistry will feel right.  It will be a fast paced and hectic month but you will overcome any obstacles and end the month highly satisfied, both personally and professionally. The signs of Taurus, Sagittarius and an Aquarius could play instrumental roles in opening new doors for you, Virgo.

Best Days: 4/14 & 4/15 

Gemini April Forecast

Mercury (Communications), your ruling planet, is retrograde in Aries and your 11th House. This could be a serious time of reflection for you as you review the friendships you have and rethink about ways to strengthen them. Friendships will play a huge role in your life this month, Gemini. Once Venus and Mars are in Aries (4/21) an intense love connection that is fused with strong mutual chemistry will occur.  You could feel "in sync" with a love interest and you might also be reviewing your past relationship history in order to not make the same mistakes this time around. Love and romance will take on an entirely new meaning this month, Gemini. You are learning and growing everyday and your attitudes about love are sophisticated and honest. Realize this is attractive to a variety of people. The public always finds you fascinating due to your multidimensional nature. April will be a month of big decisions where your future love plans are involved. At the very least, they should be explored or discussed openly.

Mars (Physical/Sexual Aggression) is in Aries on 4/2 and will remain there until 5/11. This gives you the impetus to find the right balance and utilize the physical energy in the areas of your career and love, both of which are high on your list of priorities. You might not realize how powerful it is to have Pluto in Capricorn in your 8th House. Pluto (Beginnings/Endings) will go retrograde on 4/8, so remember to avoid any issues where sex, commitments, and money you share with another are involved.  Irritations such as taxes and insurance can drive you up a wall. This powerful planet can transform your life overnight into whatever you want as long as you stay focused, loyal and determined to the tasks at hand.   
Neptune (Illusions and What is kept hidden) enters Pisces on 4/4 and enters your10th House of career and social standing. Neptune's influence is subtle but powerful so it might take awhile before you catch on to the changes this planet will bring to your career and reputation. There will be some surprises and an element of intrigue.  Avoid a tendency to isolate yourself, especially where your friends are concerned. The signs of another Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will be there for you when you need them most.
Venus begins the month in Pisces and moves into Aries on 4/21. Your love life is undergoing transformation in a most definite way. You might have questioned the value of a  serious commitment in the past, whereas now you feel more confident about your love life.   
New Moon falling in Aries on 4/3 could present you with many new opportunities. Analyze and  review your hopes and goals and consider a possible change in your career if you're not entirely satisfied. You're so talented, Gemini, there is nothing you can't do. Be patient with others this month as Mercury could create some misunderstandings where your friends and group associations are involved. You may need to listen carefully and diplomatically clarify your position. You have the magnetic personality to do it, Gemini.
Full Moon falls in Libra on 4/17 in your 5th House of creativity and romance for fun. This can be a great time for all Gemini, single or coupled. You might hear news about children, romance or a creative project. A Cancer and a Capricorn could play key roles.
Best Days: 4/7 & 4/8

Capricorn April Forecast

Mars (Drive/Motivation/Sexuality) enters Aries on 4/2. Then on 4/3, A New Moon in Aries can transform your conservative nature into something radically different. This is a month of transformation and for getting to the heart of domestic and romantic relationships. Mercury retrograde in Aries could cause you to review or at least reflect on a domestic adjustment. Neptune (What has been kept hidden) enters Aries on 4/4 and finds you restless and impatient. It's a good time to mend fences and make up with those you may have hurt in the past. You will feel better about yourself and relationships with a straightforward approach. This is a month to be direct and make amends for any past indiscretions.
Venus (Love) is in Pisces as the month begins and can radically shake up your views about love. With Pluto going retrograde in Capricorn on 4/8, you might find your behavior suddenly out of character. With all the planetary energy in Aries, you might forge ahead and find yourself becoming a leader and assuming a more aggressive approach. Others close to you might have something to say about your new agenda or you might notice that suddenly you become fearless where once you were afraid. A good barometer of your happiness can be determined largely by your emotions this month. If you are happy, then you are where you are meant to be. Conversely, if you're unhappy, you might want to look into what actions may have caused it.  Mars will give you the energy and drive to fulfill every ambition you have, so expect to make important strides in the future. Try not to be on the defensive if someone seems to be misunderstanding you, Capricorn. Mercury can bring about some delays and you might find others close to you baffled by your actions. Take the time to explain yourself and be as open and warm as you can be. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius will play important roles in intimate matters.  
Neptune (Surprises/The Unexpected) enters Pisces and your 3rd House. This transit can soften a harshness to your personality and replace it with a new soothing attitude where your communication with others is involved. It could also bring about surprise developments when it comes to your home life and where you live. Neighbors could play a role.

The Full Moon in Aries falls on 4/17 in Libra and brings about news related to your career. This is a good day for career expansion and receiving good news via a job or creative project you have been focused on. It's a day of vindication as you receive props for a job well done. Expect to hear good career news. The signs of  Taurus, Virgo and Cancer could play roles in your life this month.
Best Days: 4/22 & 4/23

Aquarius April Forecast

This month is heavily activated with 6 out of 10 planets in the sign of Aries. Aries is your 3rd House of communications, relatives and taking short trips. There could be an overabundance of activity in these areas this month with the signs of Taurus, Leo and another Aquarius playing strong roles.
Mars (Drive/Motivation/Sexuality) enters Aries on 4/2. You might find a surge of energy overtakes you as you find the drive and motivation to get your goals accomplished. Then on 4/3, A New Moon in Aries impacts your independent side. You might notice a strong desire for freedom and you yearn for new experiences and seek out new beginnings. Make sure that you communicate effectively with others as there is a strong possibility that you could encounter communication mix ups left and right.  
Neptune (What has been kept hidden) enters Aries on 4/4. Neptune has been in your sign since 2003 and on 4/4 it will enter Pisces and your 2nd House. You might find this a relief since the pressures you felt when it was in your sign were enormous. The transit into Pisces can help your career and bolster any unresolved issues that have been lingering for years. You will know instinctively what to do when it comes to long standing problems and relationships that have run their natural course. Only the strongest relationships survive and when Venus enters Aries on 4/21, you could attract a serious and like minded partner.
The Full Moon in Aries falls on 4/17 in Libra and can be lucky for you in terms of friendships, networking and building your business. You might also hear news about or from people in foreign countries or become involved in overseas activities. An Aries and a Libra will play important roles in your life this month, Aquarius.
Best Days: 4/24 & 4/25

Sagittarius April Forecast

This is going to be your kind of month, Sagittarius. With so many planets in Aries, your 5th House will be heavily influenced. The month starts off with Mars in the sign of Aries which could feel like you're getting your mojo back and any past insecurity regarding your love life will instantly evaporate. Mars will be in Aries until 5/11, so take advantage and start projects, pursue new love interests or strengthen existing relationships as there will be chemistry and a sense of excitement to your romantic and creative life this month. The only issue is Mercury retrograde, which will impact your 5th House but luckily, Jupiter and Mars can weaken the effects of Mercury so this shouldn't be as difficult for you as it might be for others. Take it easy on an Aries, Virgo and another Sagittarius for best results.
A New Moon falls in Aries on 4/3 which can broaden your outlook and personal horizons positively. On 4/4, Neptune (What is hidden) enters Aries and your 4th House of home and family. You could notice a family bond becoming stronger and you may find yourself working on a home based project or doing something from your home that has a creative bent to it. You could also be offered an opportunity to work from home or start a project from your home base. Follow those instincts, Sagittarius.
The Full Moon falls on 4/17 in Libra which is your House of friendships. This is a highly favored day for you, so get out and network on this day. An element of luck is working in your favor. You could hear good news involving a group with which you are involved.  A certain friend could have great news to share with you and your hopes and wishes will likely seem possible on this day. Don't let it go to waste!
Venus (Love) enters Aries on 4/21 your 5th House. Then on 4/23, Mercury moves out of your 5th House and the fun really begins for all Sagittarius. You might not know your exact destination, but you will enjoy the ride and find this to be a month of exploration, independence and getting your way in matters which have previously seemed unavailable to you. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn could play interesting roles.
Best Days: 4/20 & 4/21

Libra April Forecast

Mercury (Communications) begins the month retrograde (Backwards) in the sign of Aries and your 7th House of marriage, the law and serious business relationships. Mercury retrograde in Aries can create issues where people misunderstand you and what you are trying to accomplish. The good news is that on 4/2 Mars enters Aries until 5/11 and your 7th House of marriage and serious committed relationships. This placement can enhance your sexuality and bring about getting what you want in any love relationship. On the flip side, it might create some tensions in a committed relationship but this should be easily rectified as you have a tendency to get your way in love matters most of the time. Then on 4/3, A New Moon will enter Aries and the ability to attract potential new partners and relationships that could heat up quickly will be evident. With this New Moon in Aries, there will be 6 out of 10 planets in Aries so this is your lucky month where love and serious committed romance are concerned. Just avoid confrontation, Libra. Alternatively, with Mercury in your 7th House, confusion in a relationship could become obvious and uncomfortable. An ex- love could reappear and you might find that you want or need to end a relationship that has worn you out. A strong need for closure could overtake you as you get to the heart of any and all love matters. You get the picture, Libra. This month is all about love and how you choose to love and ultimately be loved.

Neptune (Secrets/Illusions) enters Pisces on 4/4 in your 6th House of daily routines and how you make a living. This House also covers issues like repair and unexpected maintenance. This is known as the planet of illusion so make sure you have enough information when it comes to your daily routines as there can be an element of blindness and what seems so confusing to you could be quite apparent to others close to you. This is a 14 year transit that will last until 2026 and with Pluto (Rebirth) in your House of home and family, make sure you keep on top of both of these areas. Relocation involving you or family members is a strong thought and likely possibility this month. You might be rethinking your home and family life and decide to make some radical changes that will ultimately result in greater happiness for all.
A Full Moon falls in your sign, Libra on 4/17. Take it easy on this day as you might find yourself so wrapped up in others affairs and details that you tend to neglect your own health and well being. Make sure you get plenty of rest and take time to nurture yourself as you might find yourself low on energy, overworked and overly stressed out.
Venus begins the month in Pisces and moves into Aries on 4/21. On 4/23, Mercury will be out of Aries, and with Jupiter still in Aries, you will have some unexpected assistance from the most unlikely of people. The signs of Sagittarius, Aquarius and a Pisces can play nostalgic roles in your month and in your heart.
Best Days: 4/16 & 4/17

Pisces April Forecast

Mars (Drive/Motivation/Sexuality) enters Aries on 4/2. This could bring about new and improved conditions in your financial life. Then on 4/3, A New Moon in Aries triples your financial luck. You could receive an unexpected windfall on this date so take advantage of this month by saving any additional disposable income you receive and putting it away for a rainy day. This is an excellent time for all Pisces, single or coupled. Venus (Love) begins the month in your sign, Pisces. You might be changing the way you view love and reevaluating your love life altogether during this cycle. Regardless of how your love life is going, you will know deep down what you need to do in your love affairs. You will have the answers you seek intuitively so be grateful to finally uncover the truth regarding all love matters.
Venus (Love) will enter Aries on 4/21, so utilize the powers of attraction and persuasion you possess this month, especially creative and monetary. Others will be feeling generous towards you and you will find that everything takes care of itself this month. You might come across as self absorbed while Neptune enters your sign. Try not to worry excessively or let fear or self-doubt creep in. Your natural ruler, Neptune, enters your sign, strengthening all of your famous qualities and this long transit will last until 2026. This is a great placement for you, Pisces. This transit could prompt you to question what you want to do with your life. You might ask yourself some tough questions. Mars in Aries helps you get motivated to get in excellent shape, physically and mentally. Neptune could find you questioning and pondering how you make your income. You might consider a major career change of some sort and start working relentlessly to pursue a new field of study or interest.  
The Full Moon in Aries falls on 4/17 in Libra and will oppose the many planets in Aries. Watch out on this date as news you receive may change your opinion of someone close to you. You could learn about some behind the scenes activities that come to light and this might put you between two opposing forces. For example, you could be torn between your career and your home life or between your children and your spouse or partner. You get the idea, Pisces.The Libra Moon can bring about some heated and intense moments and what you hear might surprise you. The signs of Aries, Leo and Virgo could play strong roles.
Best Days: 4/1 4/27 & 4/28

Scorpio April Forecast

There are five planets transiting the sign of Aries this month, Scorpio. Aries is the daily work routines and career area of your chart (6th House) and you could notice that your daily routines and your career will be fast paced, unpredictable and full of surprises throughout the month. In addition to Mars you also have the power of Jupiter (Luck) and Uranus (Surprises) in your 6th House so while this could be exciting, it could also be challenging and unpredictable due to Mercury (Communications) going retrograde (Backwards) in your 6th House. Although this could bring about some uncertainty or fear in these areas, you will be up for the challenge and you will overcome the odds immensely. Jupiter will help you attract people who can help you advance to more influential platforms where your career is concerned. Women will play instrumental roles in opportunities for career and professional advancement.  
Aside from Mercury retrograde, the biggest news this month is Neptune entering the sign of Pisces on 4/4. Venus and Neptune in Pisces can bring about some interesting newcomers into your life. Neptune in Pisces will affect your 5th House, Scorpio. Neptune represents illusions so make sure you understand that areas associated with children, romance and creativity can be clouded in mystery. Neptune can awaken you to truths in these areas that might not be apparent to you but are seen clearly by others close to you. No worries, Scorpio. Being naturally intuitive can assist you through navigating your way through any 5th House confusion. You will gain sudden clarity into long standing issues that have been perplexing and come to discover some truths that have remained elusive in years past. An Aries and a Libra can be helpful in assisting you in these particular areas.  
Venus (Love) in Pisces also begins the month in your 5th House of romance, fun flirtations and new beginnings where love is concerned, coupled or single, Scorpio. This is a great time to get out and socialize up a storm. Just make sure you have all the facts you need on a person or a project before moving forward. A Taurus and a Virgo could be watching and waiting to see your next move. Love wise, Scorpios could very well meet someone who could want to take a relationship to the next level. Mercury (Communications) is retrograde in your 6th House of health and daily routines, so don't be surprised if you encounter any delays or sudden restrictions. Once Mercury moves direct in Aries on the 23rd, you can make decisions on whether you want to stay or go when it comes to certain projects, associations and relationships, Scorpio.
The New Moon falls on April 3rd in the sign of Aries and this might bring about a need to remain diplomatic and in control even though you could feel anything but. The past versus the future will be examined and you might want to hold back from saying something or taking an action you could later come to regret. Exercise patience on this day, Scorpio. It will pay off down the line, especially where co-workers, bosses or associates are concerned. Your ability to work well under pressure will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. 
The Full Moon falls on April 17th in Libra and your 12th House. Expect emotions to come to surface and some secrets will be exposed. The signs of Virgo and Pisces will play key roles.
Best Days: 4/18 & 4/19

Taurus April Forecast

Mars (Drive/Ambition) enters Aries on 4/2 joining 5 other planets in Aries. Aries rules your 12th House, Taurus. Mercury (Communication) is also retrograde in Aries and issues such as dreams, escapism and illusions can suddenly take the spotlight. You might be surprised to find yourself in a reflective mood and your ability to tap into your subconscious mind will be eye opening. You could finally possess the ability to solve long standing problems that have perplexed you in the past.  
A New Moon falls in Aries on 4/3, which should be a fortunate day for you as new opportunities could be offered and they will be ones you are interested in and excited by. There could be some delays in getting these in motion (thanks to Mercury), but you will have the patience needed to wait it out. Next month is going to be a great time for you to solidify gains presented to you this month. Be patient, Taurus.
This month is a time for reflection and could present you with an opportunity to rethink your attitudes about education, travel and possibly foreign people and places. Publishing and spirituality are also areas ruled by this transit so you might find yourself reviewing your attitudes about these areas and what you hope to achieve from them.
Neptune (Illusion/Escapism) enters Pisces on 4/4 and this could change your career significantly, Taurus. You might find yourself being presented with offers for career advancement this month. However, remember with Mercury, there can be delays and some possible misunderstandings. You will, however, stay grounded and figure out what is best for you when it comes to your hopes for your career. Remember that the next 14 years will be paramount to your career as this is the House that Neptune will be in for you,Taurus. If you're doing something that isn't satisfying or fulfilling, Neptune could change all that. The goal of this planet is to wake you up and present with something completely different from anything you ever experienced before. Examine your fears and you could walk away feeling more secure knowing that you can (and will) conquer them.
Venus begins the month in Pisces (a compatible Water sign) and can bring a new intimacy where your love life is concerned. The possibility of spending more time together with a love is highly probable this month. The signs of Aries, Gemini and Scorpio will play interesting roles.
A Full Moon falls in Libra on 4/17 and puts the emphasis on your daily routines and what you ideally want to do with your time. Realize that your determination is your greatest ally when it comes to making changes in this area and when navigating your way through any changes that may confront you suddenly. There will be an element of creativity to everything you touch this month and you will find that it is a time when you decide to go after what you want and listen less to what others want for you. This is an ideal time to pursue your deepest passions and ignore those who tell you not to, Taurus.  
Best Days: 4/4 & 4/6

Aries April Forecast

This is going to be a memorable month, Aries. There are 6 out of 10 planets in your sign  bringing about a surge of activity when it comes to your day to day life this month. On 4/2, your ruler, Mars, enters your sign and gives you the energy and ambition to make things happen, fast. You have an excellent opportunity to make your life exactly what you want it to be this month, Aries. It might not come easily, but you will know exactly where you stand and can learn a great deal about yourself this month. 
Jupiter (Luck), Venus (Love), Mercury (Communication), Mars (Action) and Uranus (Surprises) and the Sun will be in your sign this month indicating sudden and unexpected events. This is a great month for love and serious commitments and will be productive, intense and exciting where your love and professional life are concerned. This buildup of planets can produce  two possible scenarios.  Your love life may heat up to the point of a serious commitment or conversely you might find yourself desiring more personal space and freedom and decide to terminate a relationship altogether. A secret could be revealed that could change the way you look at your career and your love life. With Mercury out of sync, you might also find the behavior of others baffling at times, Aries. Mercury can bring about some communication snafus and misunderstandings. Once Mercury goes direct in your sign on the 23rd, Venus will have entered your sign and things start to really go your way, coupled or single. This is your month to shine, personally and professionally. Just make sure you have aligned yourself with the right people and there should be no concerns.   
The biggest news this month is that Neptune, which has been in Aquarius, enters Pisces and your 12th House until 2026. Neptune represents that which we can't see clearly. Once it enters your 12th House, issues such as spirituality, untapped creativity and intuition will be heightened, and anything that has been kept hidden from you could surface quite suddenly. You will have the insight and clarity you need to realize other's true motivation and behavior. The transit of Neptune is quite long and it would be beneficial to look into your spiritual side and analyze your own motives as well, since Neptune brings front and center these areas. The New Moon falls in Aries on 4/3. This day should be considered an ideal day to get your affairs in order and make sure you are exactly where you want to be. The New Moon will set the tone for the coming year so make sure you have a focus and a goal, and this Moon can bring luck where your hopes and dreams are concerned. Just make sure you are confident about the path you want your life to take. 
The Full Moon falls on 4/17 in Libra, your 7th House of relationships. Mark this date on your calendar, Aries. This is the perfect time to take a relationship to the next level since your instincts and timing are in sync. This could be a day to remember. The signs of Taurus, Leo and  Libra will play strong roles in your life this month.
Best Days: 4/2, 4/3 4/6, 4/29 & 4/30

Leo April Forecast

Mercury is retrograde in Aries and your travel or love plans this month might not evolve according to schedule. There could be delays or frustrations with any travel this month, so leave extra time and double check your itineraries. Mars enters Aries on 4/2 and this boosts your physical and sexual energy. A passionate love affair could play a strong and surprising role. Venus begins the month in Pisces and moves into Aries on 4/21. Mars will give you the determination and energy to help keep you motivated, Leo. The downside is that Mercury is retrograde in the same sign, so there can be a push/pull feeling where daily communications are concerned. You might want to follow the advice of Mercury and avoid starting anything new of any kind. Hold off on major purchases especially until the 23rd. After this day, you will warm up to the idea of major commitments in both your business and love life.  
Then a New Moon in Aries on 4/3 will join several other planets (in Aries) and this will definitely let you know where you stand in love affairs. Circle this date on your calendar as your intuition should be exceptional and you will have clarity in all romantic affairs. The signs of Aries, another Leo and a Sagittarius play stand out roles in these areas this month.  
Neptune (Illusions/Surprises) enters Pisces on 4/4. There can be an element of intrigue and intensity that might not be immediately noticeable to you, Leo. Neptune in the 8th House could be a time when you might not be getting the entire story or may not see things realistically. Look to the areas ruled by the 8th House to get an idea of how this 14 year transit will play out for you, Leo. Remember that Neptune is all about areas you might not be seeing clearly, Leo. 
A Full Moon falls in Libra on 4/17 and impacts your 3rd House of communications, siblings, cousins and neighbors. You might have to devote some time to the areas of writing, neighbors and neighborhood matters. The signs of Virgo and Libra will play interesting roles.
Best Days: 4/12 & 4/13

Cancer April Forecast

This is going to be a month of significant progress in all career matters, Cancer. The action begins on 4/2 when Mars enters Aries and your 10th House of prestige and public standing. In addition to Mars, there are 6 major planets in Aries which will strengthen your luck where your reputation, your career and all 10th House affairs are concerned. This is the best time for you in terms of your career. Take advantage this month by promoting your business, networking with others in your field and working as hard as you can. Your efforts will pay dividends, even if you don't see them immediately. Just make sure you love what you do for a living or you might find this month to be somewhat challenging, Cancer
Venus begins the month in Pisces which is a compatible sign and brings an element of good fortune to any relationship. Single or coupled, this is a month where love and romance could keep you occupied and content. The focus remains on people from faraway places or foreign countries. You might find yourself involved in a romance with someone who was born quite a distance from you or you could be dealing with foreign countries and places that capture your interest. If you're single, this could be a month you meet someone from a foreign place and fall madly in love. Single or coupled, your love life should be looking up and this transit can open doors for you when it comes to new romances and strengthening existing ones. Once Venus moves into Aries on the 21st, you will notice your career expanding and find superiors and other people in positions of power to be in complete agreement with you. Expect to see results from a career project flourish, Cancer. The signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces will be extremely helpful in these areas.

Neptune enters Pisces, your 9th House, on 4/4. Neptune is all about what we can't see clearly. It is also referred to as the planet of illusion. Look to the 9th House to get an idea of where you might need to gain more information as it pertains to you on a personal level.
Mercury is retrograde in Aries and your 10th House. If you're not happy with your career, this is an excellent time to rethink what you do for a living and try to find a job you're passionate about. This retrograde cycle will have you reflecting in this area of your life. If you're in a job you don't enjoy, take some time to re-think things associated with your career or otherwise you may wind up disappointed with your choices. Aim high, Cancer. You are capable of great success this month. Don't let it go to waste.   
Mars is in Aries on 4/2 and will remain there until 5/11, helping you push forward with important projects and giving you the energy needed to complete all projects and commitments. 
A New Moon falls in Aries on 4/3 and can impact your professional life positively. With so many planets in Aries (your 10th House) you can expect to hear great news regarding a professional project.
Full Moon falls in Libra on 4/17 and can affect your home and family life. You can expect to hear news regarding relatives, where you live or your domestic life.
Best Days: 4/9 & 4/10